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ETHICS Case Study: Ethics in Personal Relationships

TopicEthics in personal relations

7) You are a working single parent living with your six year old child in an housing society. Recently divorce case between you and your husband was amicably settled in a court. You were given custody of your child. After the divorce,  your child has not been active and as cheerful as she used to be earlier. She seems to have lost interest in day to day activities.  In the interest of your child, your close friends and even parents are asking you to remarry a suitable person. However, you want to live alone with your child and lead an independent life. But, your child’s behaviour has become a matter of concern for your family and they all want you to either devote full time to childcare by resigning from job, or marry someone to provide child a father. On the other hand, your parents are not willing to live with you in the city as they do not want to vacate their ancestral home in the village.


What are the ethical issues you are posed with? How are you going to manage these issues? Analyse. (200 Words)