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UPDATE: Online and Offline Mains Test Series (General Studies Papers + Essay) – 2017


On June 27th (Tuesday) we will announce details about upcoming Online and Offline Mains Test Series (General Studies and Essay papers) for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam – 2017.

Like last year, this year too we will come up with Online Mains Test Series. Last year we charged Rs 200/- (Two Hundred) for 35 Tests (with Synopsis for 30 tests). This year also we will keep this price more or less same and try to improve quality even further. 

We will also conduct offline test series in Bangalore. Those who are looking to improve their GS and Essay scores can come and write offline tests. We entertain only very serious aspirants (our definition of serious candidates include those who have completed their Optional Preparation, those who are willing to write all 35 Tests, Those who are willing to take part in Group Discussions and those who are looking for guidance and not spoon-feeding) If you are someone who has got not so good rank this year but wants to improve your rank, you might consider attending our offline mains test series. You will get very good environment and very serious peer group for discussions (many of our toppers who are not getting IAS this year are writing Mains tests at our centre). 

We DO NOT evaluate all your copies. We provide personal one-on-one guidance (if you choose to seek it). We can evaluate few of your answers and essays and let you know where you are making mistakes and where you need to improve. Our previous toppers have increased their scores in GS and essay by following this approach. If you want evaluation and feedback on all tests, please consider joining other test series (we don’t want to make you wait).

As we are not evaluating all copies, offline Mains test series is either  going to be free of cost or will be charged very less (for test booklets). 

We will post details about structure of the program on 27th June 2017