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MOTIVATION: Three Failed Prelims, Rank 287 – Tips for Prelims

Ashima Mahajan, Rank 287, CSE 2016
Failing Prelims thrice, I know how important it is to unlock it to proceed ahead.
The journey has been extremely difficult but indeed beautiful. It has taught me each time to get back with more energy and will just like “Fall down seven, Stand up eight”. 2016 finally came to me as a sweet fruit for all the constant effort I had been putting, when I got through each stage of this exam successfully. I know hard-work is extremely important but what kept me high was the attitude that helped me to sail through the tuff time.  And therefore any bit of the same if could help others will make me feel more happy.
I am also extremely thankful to Insights-on-India for guiding and supporting me throughout my preparation journey and helping me live my dream.
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With few hours away to Prelims 2017 there would be numerous thoughts coming to your head giving you ‘n’ number of conclusions. On the other side where hard-work and smart-work have now done their job, it’s time to give these two a little rest and bring other tools to action – Belief, Calmness and Positivity!  These three tools would definitely come to your rescue now.
What would make the difference now to your final approach would be your attitude to carry the weight of your constant efforts. If you want to pick this weight strongly you need to hold on to it with a greater strength and that strength is driven by the above tools which will help shape up your attitude.

1.Believe in God– you have done your best just leave the rest of the best with almighty.

Believe in the blessings of your parents In your journey they have been your biggest supporters. If you have burnt the midnight oil, they have also been up for you in all your difficult situations.

Believe in yourself-Think how far you have come and all you need is to take that one step to bring you closer to what you have dreamt of. All the efforts and patience and persistence you have brought along all through the while will finally show its magic only if you believe in yourself.

2. Be calm and composed- There is nothing to panic about because now you are all set to give your best shot! Calmness will only increase your chances of hitting the bull’s eye so why not stay calm and hit it hard.

3. Positivity If you follow the first two, you are bound to stay positive and in the end you are bound to get a good result. Think of all the good stuff that has happened to you or that you dream of happening to you in your near future.

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Free yourself from the fears and worries , empty your mind from all the thoughts that are holding you back, because once you do it you’ll create space for only winning. You are responsible for the energy you create around yourself , so why not create an optimistic one? Do not injure yourself by the negative ideas, which you entertain!
You can do it because you chose at the first place to do it… So just don’t let anyone or anything spoil this moment for you!

Wishing you all the best! Do well

Ashima Mahajan, Rank 287, CSE 2016