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UPDATE: Details about Insights Offline Guidance Program 2018



Details about Insights Offline Guidance Program 2018

Before we begin, we would like to make it very clear that this program is NOT for:

  • Students who are looking for printed material, handouts and classroom notes (dictated)
  • Students who are looking for classes where they expect teacher to teach each and everything (spoon-feeding)
  • Students who are looking for shortcuts and are allergic to hard work
  • Students who are averse to writing regularly
  • Students who expect more from others than from themselves


We won’t promise that this program is going to be a unique one. But we promise that the guidance will be at the best and genuine one.  

In most coaching institutes, the focus is on feeding students with vast amount of information either through lectures or by handing out materials. This is not wrong per se. Such programs are required to certain genuine students who find it difficult to study on their own. But we believe that this approach is time consuming and doesn’t instil much confidence in an aspirant. We often hear from those who are attending such classes (or who have attended) that in Delhi they seldom find time for doing self-study. Most of their time is spent in classes listening to lectures. There is very less time left for self-study and group discussion. 

To pass in this exam, along with a very good study environment, you must have good guidance and a serious peer group which is involved in healthy competition. Some aspirants can study at home and pass this exam, provided they are determined and have a reliable source which constantly acts as source of inspiration and motivation. Some toppers in the past and present have used websites such as ours to depend fully for their exam preparation. 

However, we believe that best possible preparation for this exam is done in a good study environment. Fortunately, Bangalore is emerging is one of the best cities for UPSC CSE preparation (It is affordable, people-friendly, weather is good, so is its food)

But there was a need for a program to guide students from beginning to the end in this preparation process.  A fresher who wants to start, or an aspirant who has finished coaching but still finding it hard to streamline his/her preparation, or an aspirant who has given Mains but has never took guidance for answer writing – all these categories of aspirants need genuine guidance to prepare meaningfully for this exam. We often come across students who have spent 2-3 years in Delhi, yet haven’t written single answer or an essay. There are also students who have given 3-4 Mains, but still find it hard to score good marks in General Studies and Essay Papers.

To fill this gap in guidance, we are coming up with this program.  

Components of the Program

  1. Prelims Test Series for paper -1 
  2. Mains Answer writing test and guidance on every alternative day (self evaluation and peer evaluation)
  3. Weekly current affairs discussion session and test (based on Secure Initiative)
  4. Weekly Optional Subject test (conducted among students themselves, facilitated by us)
  5. Optional Strategy Classes from Optional Toppers (Medical Science, Anthropology, Kannada, Sociology, Pub Ad etc)
  6. Full Length Prelims Revision  Tests (at an interval of 3 weeks)
  7. Full Length Mains Revision  Tests (at an interval of 3 weeks) – will be evaluated by Insights Team
  8. FREE Mains Test Series 2018 
  9. FREE Interview Guidance and FREE Mock Interviews (conducted by Senior IAS, IPS and IRS officers)
  10. Personal guidance and one on one feedback whenever you need one (Essay and Answer evaluations outside the class)
  11. Guidance by Toppers and officers (now we have a big pool of toppers who are eager to guide you any time)

Other Important parts of this Program

  1. Group Discussions
  2. Reading room facility (24×7)
  3. Personal assistance in situations like finding good and safe accommodation(especially for girls), handling cases of emergency etc

Features of this Program

Our approach is bit radical. There will be nearly 180+ testssmall and large, prelims and mains – during the course of this Guidance  program (Between July 2017 to May 2018) This program is designed to minimise role of teacher and enhance your own role in scripting your success story. Though teacher helps you with concepts, it will be your untiring work that will ensure success. This program intends to ensure that you work untiringly. 

  • A day before the class, we will give you syllabus to study. Syllabus will clearly mention which chapters to study from which sources. You must study and come to the class. Only this adherence to timetable would ensure success. 
  • Next day, there will be a small test (MCQs + Subjective) based on topics that you have studied previous day
  • Instead of conducting classes every day, we will give one day gap for you to study thoroughly and attend tests. This is very important. You will find enough time to prepare for both Optional (we will tell you in class on first day how to manage Optional) and Test Topics in addition to current affairs. Unlike our revision timetables, which are very very hectic, the timetable for this program will not be hectic (even though it appears hectic on page, look below for a screenshot). 
  • After the test, our teachers will discuss answers in the class for one hour.
  • After discussion, there will be a session for one hour on clearing concepts related to that day’s topics. This is mainly for freshers. But, we will be focusing on linking these concepts with current affairs and teaching them only from examination point of view. Here freshers should note that, unlike conventional classes, we will not teach each and every basic fact or idea. Information that you can study on your own and understand will be skipped. Concepts that are important for exam and are difficult to understand on one’s own will be taken up for discussion. (For ex, a student might find it easy to study on her own what’s Fundamental Rights, but it might be difficult to understand concept of Basic Structure Doctrine, Right to Property issues, various court cases involved etc. Such issues and concepts will be discussed in class. We will notify prior to class what topic will be taken up for discussion – which a student must study and attend class)
  • After the class, students should discuss and revise for one hour in a group that day’s class. This will be compulsory. This helps in building your personality, as well as your information level. 
  • Groups will be formed based on common optional subject. This will help you manage optional preparation and weekly tests. 
  • Insights Prelims Test Series will be an integral part of this program. You will notice it in the timetable (will be provided on June 15)
  • This program is designed in such a way that preparation for Prelims Test and Mains answer writing are integrated without causing you any confusion. As classes will be based on Prelims Test Series syllabus and important issues of the day, your prelims and mains preparation will be streamlined. Things you study for prelims will be useful in writing and practising Mains answers in class. 
  • This approach will be more productive and instills confidence in you. A test + test discussion+ teaching + group discussion will seal that day’s topic in your memory for long duration. This all will take place in 4 hours. 
  • After group discussion, you will proceed to reading rooms to prepare for next class and test. 
  • Your performances in Prelims and Full Length Mains Revision Tests will be closely monitored.
  • We are coming up with spacious reading halls that can accommodate 250+ students at a time. These reading halls are fully air-conditioned (Bangalore’s summer temperatures are getting very hot) and will have discussion rooms in case you want to discuss with your friends. To avail facility of reading room, one has to pay extra monthly charges (half of what one pays in Delhi). However, only Insights students will be allowed to study in these reading rooms, that too only those who are very serious.  
  • Following is the screenshot of  Complete One Year Timetable for this program. We will give full timetable to you on 15th June.

Insights Offline Guidance Program - 2018 - Timetable


Aim and Objectives of This Program

Our main aim is to empower a serious aspirant by giving him/her best possible environment to study independently and confidently. We are so confident that 75+ percent of students who will enrol to this program will definitely clear Prelims 2018. Among these 75 percent, more than 70 percent will make in into interview. 

We want to ensure consistency in our guidance in order to ensure consistency in your preparation. Only consistency in your preparation will bring you great result.

An aspirant goes through lots of turmoil during this exam preparation. There is a need for honest mentors to ensure an aspirant doesn’t lose track and always stays on path to realise his/her dream. We hope that we would fill this gap efficiently. 

Every aspirant who enrolls dreams of getting a rank. But, we want aspirants who wants this attempt to be his/her first and last. This program demands sincere hard work over a period of two years. Only the strong can withstand such rigorous training. If you want to get top rank, you must undergo such training. Therefore, we are looking for aspirants who wants to do self-study in a rigorous environment under able guidance. 

We promise that within a month you will notice a huge positive change in your preparation. 

What do we expect from you?

We expect unwavering faith in your own ability and on our guidance. Only with trust and faith, we both can succeed each other. You should come here discarding your ego, arrogance and cynicism. You will work hard when you have trust. If it is not there, you will always have self doubts. So, when you come here, come as someone who is willing to learn from your mistakes, improve every day and get a rank to make everyone who loves you proud. 

Criteria for Admission

Due to unprecedented demand for this program, we are not in a position to conduct entrance test in Bangalore (it takes lots of preparation and time). Also we received many mails and calls where fresh graduates felt they would be at disadvantage if an entrance is conducted (this is a genuine concern).  Therefore after giving lots of thought, we have come up with an equally good but a level playing alternative to select aspirants for this program. 

We want to take in 50 percent freshers and 50 percent experienced (if they apply) aspirants to this program. And overall 50 percent seats will be reserved for girls. 

The selection criteria would involve a filling up of a very lengthy application form, where we will ask various details which would help us gage your seriousness. There will be questions that require your original opinion on certain issues (which require 4-5 line answers). There will also be questions such as reason for you to become IAS, your vision for India etc. Questions will demand your honest answers. Based on overall responses, we will prepare a first shortlist and give them calls. These calls will once again assess your seriousness. Based on your responses, we will finally prepare a final list and ask you to join our program. 

What if you don’t make into this program?

We gave lots of thought into this factor too. If one is genuinely interested, yet due to our intake limit (we are still in the process of finalizing intake limit), if he/she is unable to be part of this program, there is an option of joining offline prelims programme. In January 2018, we will conduct an entrance among offline prelims students and select top 30 students. Out of such top 25 students selected in 2016, nine have secured good ranks this year. You can use our reading rooms too. This option is best for aspirants who do not want any type of classes but are looking for serious environment for self study.

Regarding Prelims Online and Offline Program

As usual, our prelims online and offline test series will be conducted after prelims. This year we are making little modification in prelims timetable to meet UPSC and aspirants demands. 

There will be weekly tests with one comprehensive revision test in a month. All tests will be conducted on Sundays for all enrolled students(for offline, no separate working and non-working batches). Till now, we must admit, there were few lacunae in offline prelims test series.  From this year, we are going to solve all issues and provide you best offline prelims test series in India at a very affordable fees. 

Online test series will be conducted at We have added few new features. We have fixed few loopholes to give best experience in giving tests. 


Dates regarding Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2018

  • June 15 – Detailed Timetable of Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2018
  • June 19 – Online Application Form for Admission into Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2018
  • June 25 – Last Day of Application for Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2018
  • June 30 – Mails will be Sent to Aspirants selected in First List (If you don’t receive mail by June 30, you can either plan to join our Offline Prelims Test Series 2018 or make your other plans)
  • July 5 – Confirmation mails will be sent to aspirants in the Final  List
  • July 15 – Tentative Date of Inauguration of Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2018

Date regarding Insights Online and Offline Prelims Test Series (Mission – 2018)

  • June 19Mission – 2018 details will be announced
  • June will be open for Test Series 2018 Subscription



Details of Fee structure for all programs will be announced on June 19th.