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QUIZ – 2017: Insights Current Affairs Quiz, 29 May 2017

QUIZ – 2017: Insights Current Affairs Quiz –  29 May  2017

QUIZ – 2017: Insights Current Affairs Quiz



From an earlier quiz – based on THIS TH article dated 8th March 2017, we had framed a question on Border Haats in which we learnt that border haats are operational along the India-Myanmar border too. However, according to THIS BS article dated 11th May, 2017, “Myanmar is keen to set up a border haat (market) on its border with India and an official team from the neighbouring country visited Kasba market in Tripura to study its functioning, an Indian official said…”. Consider the Business Standard article to be correct, and thus, officially, only those border haats along the India-Bangladesh border are official and operational. Additionally, please take note, the Government’s reply regarding a question on them in the Parliament, dated 14th December, 2016, in which it was stated that “there are no Border hats in operation along the Bhutan and Myanmar borders” is the latest available

Government information.


Q3, Quiz, 28th May 2017 (Click HERE): The answer does not change. The OIC is considered to be an organisation, like the United Nations, “that is devoted to the cause of of international peace, security and development which shares with the UN, diverse challenges in all domains of human endeavour”. In all probability, it is in this sense that the OIC is considered the second largest IGO after the UN. Moreover, websites of the UN, EU, etc. state the same, so we will consider the second statement to be correct.


The following quiz will have 5-10 MCQs . The questions are mainly framed from The Hindu  and PIB news articles.

This quiz is intended to introduce you to concepts and certain important facts relevant to UPSC IAS civil services preliminary exam 2017. It is not a test of your knowledge. If you score less, please do not mind. Read again sources provided and try to remember better.Insights IAS current affairs quiz

Please try to enjoy questions, discuss the concepts and facts they try to test from you and suggest improvements.

Hope you enjoy this quiz. If you like it, then please share it. Thank you.


The following Quiz is based on the Hindu, PIB and other news sources. It is a current events based quiz. Solving these questions will help retain both concepts and facts relevant to UPSC IAS civil services exam.

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