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[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 23 May 2017

[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 23 May 2017

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General Studies – 1;

Topic:  Political philosophy

1) What do you understand by concepts like patronage, clientelism, and vote buying in political science? Do you think patronage is an important factor in Indian elections? Critically examine. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 2

Topic:Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests

2) The Paris Climate Agreement recognises that all countries have responsibilities. Despite this recognition, do you developed countries owe more to mitigate climate change effects? Discuss critically. (200 Words)

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Topic: Comparison of the Indian constitutional scheme with that of other countries 

3) Myanmar intends to become a federal state. Which model of federalism is well suited to Myanmar? Could India’s federalism be a model for Myanmar to emulate? Examine. (200 Words)

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Topic: Poverty and hunger

4) Discuss critically the importance of genetic factors in explaining the causes of stunting in Indian children despite advances made in reduction of poverty. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 3

Topic: Effects of liberalization on the economy, changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth.

5) Critically comment on the market reforms being brought by the incumbent government at the centre. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 4

Topic: Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and world

6) What do you understand by Gandhi’s idea of trusteeship? Is it relevant today? Examine. (150 Words)

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