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[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 19 April 2017

[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 19 April 2017

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STATIC Syllabus Timetable

General Studies – 1;

Topic:  Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues

1) Write a note on the contributions of Muhammad Iqbal. Do you think both India and Pakistan are adhering to his teachings and philosophy? Critically comment. (200 Words)

The Indian Express

General Studies – 2

Topic: India and its neighborhood- relations

2) Why does Pakistan want to declare Gilgit-Baltistan as their fifth province? Examine the impediments that Pakistan faces in making Gilgit-Baltistan its fifth province. (200 Words)

The Indian Express

Topic:  India and its neighborhood- relations

3) It is said that excess focus on bilateralism is leaving India isolated in its larger neighbourhood. Do you agree? Critically comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu

Topic:  functions and responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies. 

4) What is voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) machine? Should the Election Commission go with VVPAT for the 2019 Lok Sabha election? Critically examine. (200 Words)

The Hindu

Topic:  Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, 

5) It is argued that there are no radical changes in the new health policy (2017) and it continues to be an extension of the previous two such policies (1983 and 2002). Do you agree? Critically examine. (200 Words)


General Studies – 3

Topic: Indian economy

6) Do you think there is a need for reviewing the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act of 2003? Discuss why. (200 Words)

The Hindu

Topic: Agriculture; Libearlisation effect

7) It is argued that Maharashtra’s farm distress is market-driven. Examine why. (200 Words)


General Studies – 4

Topic:   Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and world. 

8) Write a note on Rawlsian ethics. (150 Words)