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ETHICS Revision Test: Case Studies


ETHICS Revision Test: Case Studies


Answer questions in NOT MORE than the word limit specified for each in the parenthesis:


  1. You are posted as an investigation officer to investigate a scam involving functionaries of government from top to bottom. It’s said that people involved in the scam include senior ministers and people very close to the Chief Minister. This scam has become a national news thanks to series of murders of whistleblowers who had earlier volunteered to become witnesses. Killings include murder of some of investigating officers and judges. Your family members plead you to get transfer to some other post. Your friends are concerned about the consequences. The scam, even though became a national news, lately there has been no support either from media or civil society to create awareness about this scam and fix  accountability.


In these challenging circumstances, what are your options? Discuss their merits and demerits. Justify in detail the course of action you would like to follow. (200 Words)


  1. Your wife runs a residential school. It is a popular school in the city thanks to quality teaching. You are working as Superintendent of Police in the same city where your wife’s school is located. Your children also study in the same school. Recently there was an unfortunate incident of food poisoning in your wife’s school where three children died and several others fell severely ill. Immediately there were protests outside the school by parents and general public demanding closure of the school and arrest of your wife. Your wife privately tells you that the cause of food poisoning may be because of pesticide used in school garden from where vegetable was grown and sourced. Public anger is growing and you are accused of protecting your wife.


Following are your options:


  1. Ask your wife to abscond and go for a foreign trip
  2. Seek support of the Home Minister to protect your wife
  3. Arrest your wife and let law of the land take its course
  4. Close the school and both of you go for holidays


Discuss merits and demerits of above options and justify which option you would like to choose.  You can also justify any other option other than above ones.  (250 Words)


  1. You are the CEO of a multinational company that manufactures airbags for cars. One of your chief scientists complains that one of the components used in airbags to make it inflate is faulty and might potentially harm passengers lives. However, company has already produced millions of airbags and are ready to be shipped. Further inquiries into the airbag prove that one in thousand airbags could potentially explode and severely injure occupants of a car. Calling back airbags will cause huge loss to your company and at the same time you have an obligation to export airbags on time to car manufacturing companies as per contract signed.


What are your options in this case? Discuss their positive and negative consequences. Also justify which option is best suited to you. (200 Words)


  1. You are the Managing Director of metro rail corporation. Based on detailed presentation by your team, you had initially promised the public and government to complete second phase of metro project by the end of 2015. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the project was delayed and the deadline was postponed by two more months. Then again, due to situations which were not under your control, the project was further delayed by few more months. The media, government and the public are up against you. You can not hurry as you do not want to compromise with the quality of work. But, increasing traffic congestions, public anger and pollution are forcing you to complete the project at any cost within a month. The project has reached a stage where trial runs are taking place. But, an authority which should give safety certificate for the go ahead of passenger operations is delaying its inspection for unknown reasons. Recently there was an article on you criticizing you as an inefficient and unsuitable person for the job.


  1. How do you react to such allegations against you?
  2. What are your options given your inability to keep up your promise to complete the project on time? Discuss their merits and demerits. (250 Words)