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Insights Secure + Static Revision Test – Ethics Case Studies

Answer questions in NOT MORE than the word limit specified for each in the parenthesis:


  1. You are posted as Superintendent of Police in the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Bangalore. In recent years, drug trafficking by few African nationals has become a big menace in the city. Intelligence reports have shown that selling of illegal drugs is rampant around higher education institutes. However, you find out that only handful of Africans are involved in drug crimes and majority of them live peacefully in the city.  Despite law being strict, sale and abuse of illegal substances is growing in the city. A recent investigation by NCB has shown that local police, corporators and businessmen have woven an intricate network of drug peddlers with the help of certain African nationals. After recent incidents of racist attacks on few of African citizens, both state and union governments have sent directives to all police stations to not to ill treat any African national and protect them using all means. In the light of increasing drug abuse, you have been asked by your superiors to control its abuse and punish the sources from where drug trafficking is originating.


a) What measures will you take to control drug abuse in the city?

b) How will you handle the situation of African nationals involved in drug trafficking without vilifying the African community in the city?  (250 Words)


2) Recently you were posted as District Collector to a very backward district. In this district, the practice of blind beliefs is rampant and the victims of these beliefs have always been women and children. Every year, most of the villages in this district celebrate local festivals where women and children are abused on the pretext of providing them better future and disease free life, all in the name of local gods. Also, thousands of domestic animals are publicly sacrificed during these celebrations despite strict warning by district authorities to prevent such practices. Recently, a delegation of human and animal rights activists have requested you to take measures to stop these practices and create awareness about consequences of such practices on victims. Matter being very serious, your intervention is needed to address these problems.


a) What measures will you take? Discuss their merits and demerits. (200 Words)


3) You are promoted as commissioner of the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). There have been numerous allegations saying that BBMP has turned into den of corruption. It is often alleged that BBMP has grossly ignored its responsibilities to the city of Bangalore. Your predecessor, who tried to reform BBMP by trying to implement reformist measures and by taking strict action against corrupt officials, was sacked immediately. Your challenges include addressing growing waste management problem, cleaning of polluted lakes, evicting illegal encroachments, ensuring completion of civic works on time with quality and increasing revenue of BBMP. You have numerous hurdles to reform BBMP. However, you are determined to make BBMP clean and efficient.


a) What challenges would you face in your mission to clean BBMP? How will you overcome them?

b) What steps will you take to reform BBMP?  (250 Words)


4) You are an honest businessman who run a hotel in the city. Your hotel has got good reviews all over internet for the good services you provide. The USP of your hotel has been the quality and tasty food your hotel serves to its customers. From humble beginning, your hotel has now grown into a big business. You have been paying all taxes promptly to the government since day one. Recently, a local food inspector, who is newly posted to the region where your hotel is located, has asked for a bribe on monthly basis to pass all food tests in your hotel. He has threatened you that he would not approve any of your food in coming months unless he is paid bribe on regular basis. Even the local corporator is supporting this food inspector. It is evident that they want to extract money from you as you are making good profit from your business. A friend of yours has suggested you to conduct sting operation and catch both food inspector and corporator red handed.


a) Will you conduct sting operation against food inspector and corporator? Justify.

b) What are your options in this situation apart from sting operation? Discuss their merits and demerits. (250 Words)