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MOTIVATION: Just do it, anyway!


Just do it, anyway!

Shreya Kabir

Sitting in my room and studying devoutly the current affairs for today, 2-3 friends of mine happen to barge into the room for the usual daily gathering! One of them was sharing her recent feat of getting selected in the top law firm for internship; the other was one of the leading speakers in a seminar amongst highly intellectual academicians!


And, I thought here was I, poor me already struggling with the anxiety of the upcoming exam, internally trying to keep myself calm and then suddenly bumping into insecurities! Hahah! Ripples emerged once again on the surface still waters of my mind. Not that I wasn’t happy for them, I was elated at their incredible achievement, but somewhere it makes me question my journey and throw it in the pit of doubt.

This shouldn’t be the case.

And, I know many of you might have had also faced such times when you couldn’t help yourself from not thinking what others are doing, hiking package of your corporate world friend’s, of your tortoise-paced progress and you can add on!

But, let me tell you it’s completely OKAY! We are humans and yes we have insecurities and doubts. However, this obviously shouldn’t be the attitude with which we move in our preparation. Why? Because it really has a bearing on our sub-conscious.

The constant tussle in your head of wanting to walk through the preparation and at the same time doubting yourself at every juncture can be very taxing for your preparation. These doubts sabotage your actions and mar your beliefs. After all, doubts are another ugly face of insecurities.

This exam tests your metal strength like anything.

Main kar paunga/paungi, ya nahi? Prelims clear hoga ya nahi? I say, karke to dekho!

“Doubt your doubts.”

The only way out of your doubts is actions and the only way out of your insecurities is believing in your actions. Insecurities and doubts and can only stop you from acting, only if you let them paralyze you.

Take actions anyway. Trust your actions anyway!

If you have created a rational study-schedule for yourself, follow it anyway, even if clouds of doubts shadow your mind! If you are giving mocks but not scoring well, keep giving them diligently anyway! Why? Because, only action can make you sail through. Only action can help you fight your insecurities in the long-run.

ias preparation

A thing to remember is that: you are not your doubts or insecurities because they only exist in your head, you are your actions and work that you do, because that is what you materialise in the physical space. You are what you become irrespective of your doubts & insecurities.

So the next time you get a pang of insecurity when your friend shares his/her achievement with you, just acknowledge it, be happy for your friend and choose actions above your doubts. Don’t let your insecurities materialise instead of your actions, else not only this exam but also the examination of life will become a torturous journey!