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UPDATE: Insights EXCLUSIVE Revision Modules for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2017


There were many current affairs questions in the UPSC civil services Prelims exam 2016. We expect the same trend to continue this year too. However, one must give equal weightage to both static and dynamic component of prelims syllabus during their preparation. We are already covering static and current affairs part extensively in our test series.

But, still there is a need for consolidated revision material of all important topics for last minute revision, especially of current affairs topics. Hence, we are coming up with revision modules (current affairs part) to help you prepare better for prelims 2017. 

Tomorrow (March 23, 2017) we will post Economy module which will cover all major economy related events and issues that have taken place between June 2016 to March 20, 2017. 

AT an interval of 10 days starting from tomorrow, we will post revision modules on the topics of Ecology, Environment & Geography; S&T; Social issues; Polity; International events; Culture; and Government Schemes. 

Just before prelims 2017, we will update these documents to cover remaining months of 2017 (will cover till mid – May 2017)

We sincerely hope these documents, which have been prepared meticulously by our team, would help you do very well in prelims 2017. 

These documents effectively complement our test series questions and solutions documents. Please revise these documents 3-4 times before prelims to get the best result. Wish you all the best.