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Insights Secure + Static: Ethics Revision test


Answer ALL the questions in about 150 words: (10×10=100)


  1. “Corruption is an important manifestation of the failure of ethics.” Comment.
  2. “A factor which increases corruption is over-centralization.” Do you agree? Substantiate.
  3. Some significant efforts have been made over the last two decades to bring about meaningful electoral reforms in India. Discuss these reforms.
  4. The role of ethics in public life has many dimensions.  In your opinion, framework of ethical behaviour must include which of the elements? Elucidate.
  5. What is an ‘office of profit’? Why does constitution of India disqualify a legislator holding an ‘office of profit? Examine.
  6. Differentiate between collusive bribery and coercive corruption. How should both be tackled? Examine.
  7. Corruption in the private sector does not come under the purview of the Prevention of Corruption Act. In your opinion, how corruption in private bodies should be dealt with? Discuss.
  8. Prosecution is often a weak link in the chain of anti-corruption law enforcement and there are instances where prosecutors have facilitated the discharge of a delinquent officer. How should investigation and prosecution be strengthened? Examine.
  9. There are sufficient safeguards in the law and procedure to ensure protection of an honest civil servant against baseless, mala-fide, malicious and motivated complaints.  What are these safeguards? Are they sufficient? Comment.
  10. “The punishment suffered by the wise who refuse to take part in government, is to suffer under the government of bad men” Comment.