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Insights Secure + Static Revision Test

Insights Secure + Static Revision Test

27 February 2017


Marks: 200                                                                                                                Duration: 2.5 Hours


Answer ALL of the following questions in about 200 words:


  1. Recent events suggest that the world cannot bear too much globalisation. What does this mean for India’s exports? Examine.
  2. In the light of changing demography of the advanced economies, illustrate distinct features about the Indian demographic profile that have key implications for the growth outlook of India and the Indian states.
  3. All countries redistribute and must do so. The question is how effective this is and must be. Critically examine what’s the scenario in India.
  4. What is demonetization? Examine the possible long-term impact of demonetization.
  5. With suitable examples, illustrate the salient features of the Indo- Islamic architecture, especially architecture of the Mughal period.
  6. “The emergence of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Gujarati, English, and Hindi, 1869-1948) and Tagore, influencing Indian life and literature, were quite often complementary to one another.” Discuss.
  7. “Indian writers like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee and others made use of the  newly acquired concept of nationalism to attack colonial rule, and in the process created their own brand of nationalism, rooted in the soil.” Discuss.
  8. Differentiate between landslide and avalanche. Examine why landslides in India are increasing and what measures should be taken to halt them.
  9. As per recent economic survey, why is a Public Sector Asset Rehabilitation Agency (PARA) Needed? Examine.
  10. Critically examine the role of urban planning in addressing urban violence in Indian cities.
  11. Judicial review of executive action is an essential aspect of the system of checks and balances in a constitutional democracy. Is the principle of judicial review under threat, especially in USA and India? Critically examine.
  12. Define conscience. Illustrate with examples how can it act as source of ethical guidance for a civil servant.
  13. Critically comment on the role of women in electoral politics in India.
  14. Discuss the growing importance of trade for India.
  15. The constitution of India contains special directives to protect the interests of linguistic minorities and to promote the development of Hindi language. Critically discuss significance of these directives and issues arising out of them.
  16. Disparities between states in India have been strengthening, not weakening, over time. The less developed States are falling behind the richer ones instead of catching up. Discuss the causes and remedies.
  17. Recently, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) capped pricing of medical stents. Critically examine significance of this measure and its impact on various stakeholders.
  18. How can accountability and transparency measures ensure better disaster management? Illustrate with suitable examples.
  19. What is ‘Goldilocks’ zone of a star? Recently NASA scientists have discovered Earth-size seven exoplanets which are said to possess habitable conditions. How did scientists discover such planets? Examine.
  20. Examine the health impacts of air pollution in India. Also critically comment on India’s response to pollution induced health problems.