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What to do when UPSC delays announcing result?


It is understandable that when UPSC doesn’t announce result on ‘expected dates’, you lose focus on everything: no mood to study, no mood to prepare for interview, no mood to even watch movies. Some can’t sleep, and some can’t even eat food properly!

Waiting for the result, as it’s happening now with thousands of aspirants who are waiting for the UPSC civil services Mains – 2016 result, is tiresome and mentally exhausting. UPSC should understand anxiety of aspirants and give tentative timeline for announcement of results too. Compared to last year, 2016 Mains result has already been delayed by more than 25 days! UPSC might have certain issues, but it’s its moral duty to inform aspirants about the cause of delay. Aspirants sacrifice so much – jobs, precious years, relations etc to prepare for this exam and it’s their right to be informed about any delays. 

But, as an aspirant, it’s your duty to keep preparing for the next stage of this exam without waiting for the result. Yes, it causes much pain when you don’t get result on an ‘expected date’, but to have an edge and score good marks in next stage (here, interview), you must not let anxiety waste your time. We know it’s easier said than done, but after putting so much of your time into preparation, you must not lose focus when the final stage is nearing. 

Yes, there will be some amount of self-doubt whether you would clear Mains or not. If there was no such self doubt, you wouldn’t be worried at all. 

So, how to beat this anxiety and mounting frustration? 

Firstly, prepare your mind for both outcomes. Instead of getting shocked or surprised after seeing the result, now itself train your mind to accept both success and failure, but mainly failure. This will actually calm your nerves. Just close your eyes and tell yourself that you are strong enough to accept any outcome and life is bigger than this UPSC result. Tell yourself that you don’t give  (you know what) about this result anymore.  Whatever be your sacrifices and dreams, you must always be ready to face failure head on. 

Next, don’t wait for the result! Once you have made your mind to face even the worst outcome, there is no use in waiting for the result. Let it come whenever UPSC decides.  Keeping in mind both outcomes, spend equal time on both prelims and interview preparation. If you have pending work to do in optional, just immerse yourself in your optional subject and finish it off. Get busy with something productive. 

Realize the fact that you are wasting precious time by waiting for the result. Result will come anyway, but as it’s coming late, remember that you will be getting less time for interview preparation. So, don’t wait, stay away from internet and prepare for the interview or optional.

It’s prudent to focus on what’s in your hand than wasting time on what’s not in your control. 

For now, come back to preparation mode and stay focused. There is no alternative if you want to win this race. Someone somewhere is preparing hard. It’s competition. Also realize that waiting for something is also an excuse to stay (or lay) lazy! 

Another way to calm yourself is to assume that you haven’t given Mains at all! Looking other way helps sometimes. 

If any of these fail to calm you, start thinking about India’s future or Tamil Nadu’s future, or watch Trump’s recent press conference. This should distract (or disturb or entertain) you enough to keep you away from UPSC website. 

Anyways, wish you good luck with the result.