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The Big Picture- Rise of Political Right Across The World



The Big Picture- Rise of Political Right Across The World



There is a rise in right wing politics in several countries of the world. Brexit in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in the US demonstrate popularity of right wing politics. It is also gaining importance in countries like France and Germany backed by populism. Immigration and the movement of refugees in Europe has played a major role while xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia and other kinds of discrimination have also contributed immensely in all this along with economic factors. 


This is in a generic sense reaction to the processes of globalization across the world which has increased inequity and inequality. This is next to the feeling of powerlessness among large sections especially among those who have been left out. This process is expected to continue till an equilibrium is reached because there cannot be a situation where people feel despair regarding the fact that they don’t have control over their life. The socio-political structure which is now following the technological change is leading to a sense of confusion.

China today has become the factory of the world and because of countries like India and China, there have been job losses all over which is the reason why Mr.Donald Trump raised a concern on this issue. Part of the premise of globalization was that as technological change takes place, those in the advanced countries will be able to adapt to this change much more swiftly than the other nations. But this has not happened because as people grow old, adjustments become more difficult. This will also be manifested in countries where demographic change is not taking place much or in the countries having more aging population.

People are looking for radical alternatives in the times of crisis and this is evident from the way Bernie Sanders emerged in election campaigns. This is not only because of globalization but also due to recession of 2008 and the subsequent years that followed. In politics and social sphere, the impact of economic changes comes with a lag. There is a search for alternatives like in Greece, people opted for left wing alternative. Big businesses need to have self regulation and this is the right way to go ahead.

The roots of the refugee crisis goes back to Arab Spring and the response of the West. This sudden influx of refugees in the west has caused tremendous disequilibrium and within western countries there are different approaches to handle this situation. But the predominant feeling is the loss of control. There are transnational political borders that are there to which even the political leadership of nation states is sub serving. Different societies develop differently and in different stages. Therefore, there cannot be one size fits all political system along with the rights, duties and obligations of citizenship for all societies. Chinese system is quite different. Hardly anyone cares for the human rights of Chinese citizens. 

There have been many countries in the West who for their own geopolitical interests have interfered in the Middle East and Afghanistan. What is evident in the form of refugee crisis now is the consequence of the actions taken by Western countries.Refugees are now being seen as villains among the people of Western countries and they want to protect their way of life, standard of living, culture etc. More than nationalism, this appears to be fascism. Multiculturalism was a concept that was actually pursued in these countries both by governments as well as societies as a means of handling large number of people who had come to their societies from a different culture and they came because these countries needed them such as the working class in Britain from 60s onwards or engineers and doctors in US. So, these people had to be accomodated by the Western countries but the western society could never overcome their basic prejudices. Multiculturalism did not go far enough.

However, in Asia or South East Asia the game is still following the traditional rules of politics. Japan has a nationalist party. There is nothing unusual within the Indian politics as well at present. China is turning towards aggressive nationalism in order to save itself from the damages of economic failures. Myanmar government is expected to be a little liberal and how the issue of Rohingya is handled is something interesting to see in future.


When politics is talked on the whole, it is actually in the sphere of social and political policies such as immigration, racism etc. Right wing politics is not a one stop solution for all the problems because there is a lack of intellectual and ideological resources. This is a very complex world where we are living in. These issues need long term solutions beneficial for mankind for a prolonged period of time. Those people are also required to be taken into consideration who are not in favour of right wing politics. As of now, there will be strong right wing politics for the times to come as there is no other way to come out of it considering the issues of economy, immigration or jobs.