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QUIZ – 2016: Insights Current Affairs Quiz, 28 December 2016

QUIZ – 2016: Insights Current Affairs Quiz – 28 December, 2016

QUIZ – 2016: Insights Current Affairs Quiz




Quiz, 27th December, 2016 (Click HERE), Q3: It’s a question requiring not too much analysis. That is, consider every other factor to be a constant – level of employment and so on. In such a situation, a decrease in tax to GDP ratio indicates slowing economic growth rate. Statement 2 is not correct, because the information provided is insufficient to determine if distribution of national income is affected in any way or not.


Quiz, 27th December, 2016 (Click HERE), Q4: Question can be re-worded (nothing wrong with the given question, but some appear confused) – “Which among each of the given situations can give rise to both, ‘cost-push’ as well as ‘demand-push’ form of inflation?” The answer will remain the same, that is, option ‘b’ – 2 only.


Quiz, 27th December, 2016 (Click HERE), Q5: Difference in temperatures of water at different depths in the ocean is the principle behind OTEC. There is no kinetic energy being exploited in this case. The question asks which from the given list act/s as a store of kinetic energy in the ocean.


The following quiz will have 5-10 MCQs . The questions are mainly framed from The Hindu  and PIB news articles.

This quiz is intended to introduce you to concepts and certain important facts relevant to UPSC IAS civil services preliminary exam 2016. It is not a test of your knowledge. If you score less, please do not mind. Read again sources provided and try to remember better.Insights IAS current affairs quiz

Please try to enjoy questions, discuss the concepts and facts they try to test from you and suggest improvements.

Hope you enjoy this quiz. If you like it, then please share it. Thank you.


The following Quiz is based on the Hindu, PIB and other news sources. It is a current events based quiz. Solving these questions will help retain both concepts and facts relevant to UPSC IAS civil services exam.

To view Solutions, follow these instructions:

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  5. Now click on ‘View Questions’ button – here you will see solutions and links.

Note:  Please refresh the page 2-3 times if Quiz button doesn’t respond.