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IMPORTANT: UPSC Clarification on CSE Mains -2016 Essay Topic ” If development is not engendered, it is endangered”



The essay topic ‘If development is not engendered, it is endangered’  in 2016 CSE Mains Essay Paper had created confusion and anxiety among candidates who had attempted this topic. Candidates who interpreted the meaning of ‘engendered’ as ‘inclusive of all genders’ (thanks to Hindi translation) wrote essay mainly on importance of women and third genders in the development discourse. Others who went by actual meaning of ‘engendered’ i.e. ‘to give rise to something‘ wrote on importance of development itself and its various dimensions.

Naturally, both camps were upset. This issue was raised by prominent people with the UPSC. Now UPSC has replied to one of them with a clarification that different ‘acceptable‘ interpretations would be considered by evaluators.

We have confirmed its authenticity from UPSC. It’s 100% authentic. 

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