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AIR spotlight summary on “Nagrota Terror Attack”.



AIR spotlight summary on “Nagrota Terror Attack”.


  • The unfortunate terror strikes have taken place in the Jammu sector of the International Border and where the BSF with great amount of agility was able to corner the terrorists and neutralise them. There were instances of infiltration and Army’s 16 corps Headquarters in Nagrota was attacked.
  • Recently the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab have been the focal areas for terrorist attacks and the main factor is the Pakistan factor. This is happening in the light of ongoing peace talks which were stalled recently and the focus is now on International borders.

all-india-radioDifference between LoC and International Border

  • International Border is a demarcated border approved by both the governments and recognised internationally. It is not negotiable, cannot be breached and altered. There are arrangements of fencing and has better security grid in place. The fencing is not on the zero line, it is almost 150 yards behind the International Border line and it does not mean that we lose control of the land ahead of the fencing. India has the sovereignty in area ahead of the fence. Despite all the fencing, there are geographical constraints because of rivers, hills etc.
  • LoC is a temporary border which can be subject to change due to bilateral relations and diplomatic initiatives.  
  • In International Border the security is manifold when compared to LoC.

Problems in stopping the infiltration or bringing it to minimum level

  • The International Border is close to National Highway and if any militant wants to cross the International Border will quickly touch upon the national highway and go into the hinterland. Whereas LoC is much in the remote areas and it is difficult for the militants to reach the hinterland. But the militants can target the nearest camps which happened in Nagrota.
  • In International Border there are perennial problems. Because of the National highway, connectivity, population nearby and the availability of the soft targets will give good opportunity for militants.
  • In International Borders during winters the infiltration starts because of lot of green fields and fog where the militants take advantage of it. The infiltration in the LoC decreases during this time. In other seasons it would be the other way round.

Government Response

  • Union Home minister had recently announced that by 2019 all the borders would be completely sealed. Technologies like laser beams and others used in border management would be used as a force multiplier. With the use of technology and man power we would be in a position like Israel and Palestine where Israel’s are able to stop everything and anything.
  • The government has shown its commitment to the forces in terms of better pay scales, better wage management and better man power management. Technology, sufficient funds and increasing the man power have to go simultaneously.

Need of the Hour

  • Ahead of the fencing we have the agricultural fields where farmers have to visit daily for cultivation. There is a need for border management in these areas. So the BSF has to perform double roles. Keeping this is view we need to bank upon But all technology won’t be successful and it will be area specific. The geographical and the technological factors have to be synergised. There needs to enough people to man the technology. Need to augment the man power already deployed on the borders.
  • Today the density of the border security forces guarding the border needs to increase. The vulnerability factors have changed from the last 10 years.


  • With the present initiatives by the government and the BSF with all the initiatives taken we can see by the next winter we should be able to bring down the infiltration levels. Today every BSF officers are aware of the intentions of Pakistan and the vulnerability threat across the border. So today it is the proactive and offensive action by BSF against the militants.
  • With the fundamentals clearly in place and the intent clearly been dictated by the top level there shouldn’t be any hesitation and that’s what we saw in Nagrota where the big terror module from the Pakistani side was neutralised in a timely manner.