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Lok Sabha TV- Public Forum: End Terrorism



Lok Sabha TV- Public Forum: End Terrorism


India’s extremist diplomatic onslaught against Pakistan has been paying now. US is taking off Pakistan quite often. Many European countries have also shown that Pakistan should mend its ways or face isolation. Even Gulf countries have not come forward for the rescue of Pakistan. Recently, when there was a terrorist attack at the police academy in Quetta that left 61 people dead and many injured, Pakistan’s leading newspaper strongly condemned nation’s good and bad terrorist policy. Many experts in Pakistan have also started believing that this type of double standard of supporting terrorist on one hand and crying of victimhood on the other hand has no takers in the world. It was quite embarrassing for Pakistan when posters appeared after Uri attack announcing that the Lashkar-e-Taiba will hold the last rites for one of the four terrorists who attacked Indian Army camp at Uri. The posters are the first evidence that the attacks were carried out by Pakistani based Jihadist group until now denied by Islamabad.

India’s Strategy:

It can be said that India succeeded to some extent in pressurizing Pakistan both globally and bilaterally. It is time for Pakistan to reconsider its policy. Even its closest ally US has said that Pakistan needs to dismantle these terrorist activities failing which US might not hesitate to take unilateral action against the country. India has to sustain pressure on Pakistan like to book the culprits of Pathankot and Mumbai attacks because this is not an easy country which can be controlled in one go. India has also been successful in mobilizing the moderate section of Pakistan in criticizing the army and its government who demanded for action against terror outfits. Indian Prime Minister has shown concern for Pakistani people as well who are suffering from presence of these groups and diversion of resources to terrorists. India should aim to neutralize the nuclear threat that exists between both the countries as its next step.

Pakistan’s Attitude:

Pakistan however, does not show any intention to stop terrorism escalating from its territory especially if it hurts India because its agenda is to continue a proxy war against India. It cannot take on India militarily because India is much stronger than Pakistan. It is a matter of Pakistan’s established policy to use terrorism against India and any meaningful cooperation might not help in this regard. Much of the world has overlooked this problem thinking that only India is affected by this. Now, the rest of the world has also started getting affected by terrorism emanating from Pakistan and is beginning to take serious notice of this problem.

There is a widespread disenchantment with the Pakistani forces among the common people there although it propagates that it is a great protector of the people. But the reality is that it has done everything to stay in power, to keep civilian rulers at base and to make sure that its hold in Pakistani politics remains supreme. People of Pakistan have began to see through designs of their army but the common man is helpless.




There is a shift in the geopolitical scenario. In the recent past, it has been seen that Russia is coming closer to Pakistan. China is already with Pakistan. China has been using Pakistan card against India. China is not supporting India on Kashmir issue. In fact a large part of Kashmir is under the occupation of China. Whenever Indo-Pak issue is raised, China apparently takes the side of Pakistan rather than supporting India.

India has to take steps as a responsible nation in a responsible manner. India has to decide its discourse whether other countries favour it or not.