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Strategy and advice to boost UPSC CSE preparation for Beginners



Strategy and advice to boost UPSC CSE preparation for Beginners


Disclaimer: Following videos are prepared by IAS Toppers including Shah Faisal and Gaurav Agarwal – both Rank 1 – for Unacademy. We are sharing these links for the benefit of our followers. 

There is no proven strategy of cracking UPSC CSE – one of world’s toughest examinations. However, there are a few basic ingredients that your preparation strategy should have, no matter what happens. The devil is in the details. The finer details of your preparation strategy ensure that you are successful and leave competition behind. Mentioned below is a list of lessons from UPSC IAS Toppers that will give you those important tips and extremely effective strategies:-


  • 10 ‘Must-Read’ Books For UPSC-CSE Preparation by Roman Saini

Watch it in Hindi here:-

  • 10 books to avoid while preparing for UPSC CSE

  • Preparation Strategy to Crack UPSC CSE for Absolute Beginners by Shah Faesal (AIR 1, CSE 2009)

  • UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal’s Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes made in UPSC CSE/ IAS Exam

  • Perfect strategy to prepare for UPSC CSE by Athar Aamir ul Shafi Khan (AIR 2)

  • Comprehensive Timetable (9 months) for UPSC-CSE (IAS) 2017 Prelims by Roman Saini

  • Perfect Strategy, Booklist, and Resources to prepare for UPSC CSE by Shashank (AIR 5)

  • Demolish UPSC CSE Prelims By Anurag Sharma (AIR 11)

  • Strategy, Booklist and Resource of Shalini Duhan (AIR 21 CSE 2015) to Crack CSE Prelims

  • Time Management To Improve Efficiency During Preparation By Gandharva Rathore (AIR 93)

  • How to Use Technology for UPSC CSE Preparation by Roman Saini

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

  • Smart Strategies To Crack UPSC-CSE By Ravindra Goswami (AIR 152)

  • 10 Most Significant Tips and Advice for the Aspirants to Crack CSE Prelims- 2017 (for UPSC CSE) by Israel Jebasingh, Director – IAS Officers’ Academy, Chennai

  • 10 Tips to Improve Speaking English and Vocabulary for Government Exams (like UPSC CSE 2017) by Roman Saini

  • Tips To Crack UPSC CSE In Your First Attempt by Debotosh Chatterjee (AIR 406)