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AIR spotlight summary on “China’s Dual Policy on Terrorism”



AIR spotlight summary on “China’s Dual Policy on Terrorism”



  • China has said that countries should refrain from making political gains in the name of counter terrorism. The statement comes couple of days after Beijing extended its technical hold on India’s bid to get JeM Chief Masood Azhar banned in the UN. India’s stand against terrorism is fully pronounced, loud and clear. UN must take an action against Masood Azhar.China’s Dual Policy on Terrorism
  • China has been playing a double game with India as far as its diplomatic relations with India are concerned. There is a long history which goes back to 1962. China’s policy with India has been kind of Dualism, which is deliberate and they know this is the only way to deal with India.

India-China-Pakistan Relations

  • China has been using Pakistan card against India. China is not clearly supporting India in Kashmir issue. In fact a large part of Kashmir is under the occupation of China. Whenever Indo-Pak issue is raised, China apparently takes the side of Pakistan rather than supporting India.   
  • Both Pakistan and China are trying to use Kashmir as a kind of a trump card against India.

Changing geo political situation

  • There is a change in the geo political situation. In the recent past we have seen that Russia is coming closer to Pakistan, US is having some distance with Pakistan, and China is already with Pakistan. In diplomacy the relations are not of permanent nature. Today’s friends could turn into adversaries.
  • At one point of time India’s relations with Soviet Union was very close, India was considered to be a part of the ally of Soviet Union. After disintegration of Soviet Union things have changed.  
  • China of late is complaining about the terrorist activities especially in Guangzhou province in the southern China. While accusing India, China is also facing the same problem which India is facing in Kashmir. There is a large Muslim population and China is not been able to handle it for long. Another issue is the Tibet issue where Dalai Lama had to come to India and seek asylum here. This is how India’s relations started deteriorating with China. China is suffering on account of its internal problems.

Issue of NSG

  • India’s stand and desire to be a member of NSG is long standing. China has been playing a dual game in this. Sometimes china says it will negotiate on NSG issue. They are not clear on their stand. There is some kind of diplomatic game they are playing.
  • China’s support for India’s membership to NSG would be a quid pro quo and they would like to bargain it and it would not be a direct acceptance by China. China is not clear about its stand. They are neither saying yes nor no for it.

India-China Trade Relations

  • China-India trade has gone up. China knows India has a big consumer market for its goods. They are worried about the smuggling and illegal trade happening from the North-Eastern region.
  • Rajiv Gandhi said that we must keep aside the dispute and concentrate on trade. Trade is the best way to cement any misunderstanding and further augment ties between any two countries.

India-China Border issues

  • There are reports that at the border there are lot of skirmishes going on and many times Chinese army invade Indian Territory. But this is not of a very serious nature. There aren’t any apparent or continuous indications that Chinese Army invades Indian Territory like what is happening in case of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan’s Army role is more dangerous than what China is doing. India has very good diplomatic relations with China; our successive ambassadors have done a wonderful job in bringing the two countries closer.
  • Border issue is one of the most contentious issues between both countries and we couldn’t find any solution for it. China has occupied our land, they don’t want to vacate it, they want to negotiate and do some kind of bargaining for which India is not ready.
  • India doesn’t want to give up which is our land. We are trying to improve our relations but the pace is not desired. Delegations come, talks are held, statements are issued, joint communiqué are issued, but there is no progress on the ground. India is likely to remain status quo on this issue.

India-China Relations

  • Today Chinese language has played a very important role in bringing the culture and international relations between the two countries closer. All these indicators point out that we are on a right track.
  • India does not have a consistent policy with China, like we have it with America or other European and Asian Countries. Because of the fluid nature of the track record of Sino-Indo Relations any stability in near future is less likely to be achieved.
  • To deal with China we should keep on talking, open new fronts in areas like sports and culture where people of different sections of the society participate. Lot of people study Chinese here, they even go to Chinese universities. On paper it might appear things are not happening, but in reality lot of fronts are opened.