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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016 Day 10

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 10

29 August 2017



Syllabus – Organisations and PPP

1.“PPPs serve too many parties and too many interests … to be focussed.” Identify in the context of the statement, the parties involved in Public-Private Partnerships and their conflicting aims (200 words)


Syllabus – Contingency Theory

  1. How does the Strategic Contingencies Theory of organizational design deal with problems arising from sub-unit centrality and non-substituability?


Syllabus – Organisation, Regulatory agencies;

  1. Delegation to independent agencies has taken place in an interdependent progress driven by emulation. Discuss in the context of independent regulatory agencies in the modern regulatory state.


Syllabus – Application question on nature of Public administration; Wilson+Weber+Indian constitution;

  1. “Vertical accountability in a bureaucratic setup is very different from popular accountability” Analyse the statement from administrative thinkers’ perspective.


Syllabus – Organisations and PPP.

  1. “To talk about the regulatory framework is to talk about short governance.” Analyze the statement in the context of public private partnership and identify the elements of regulation