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AIR spotlight summary on Recent Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat Address



AIR spotlight summary on Recent Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat Address



Prime Minister started the 22nd edition of Mann Ki Baat edition with Rio Olympics and called up on the nation to encourage the Athletes. He touched upon a host of issues, like science, rains, floods and dangers of uncontrolled Antibiotics.

The basic theme of the Prime Ministers address was linked to the process of social development, economic development and environmental development. He primarily focussed upon sports, innovation in terms of technology including Information and Communication Technology, health issues, environment and cyber crime.

We see governmental efforts towards development, towards better governance, and on the other hand, the responsibility of the society towards these issues.  

Emphasis on sports

  • Prime minister said, in the next Olympics there should be at least one Athlete from almost every village. Emphasised on improving the sports culture in our country.
  • The issue of sports and India’s capability of participation in sports is been a serious issue. In a country of more than 125 crore population and not able to win medals in international events is really a matter of concern.
  • It’s a matter of concern at every level. How much state is supporting the sports. How much sports persons are themselves keen about that and how much society takes account of the sports. We have issues at the three levels.
  • State support to the sports has been very minimal. At the societal level everyone is mad about cricket. As far as athletics, football, hockey is concerned, social and corporate support to them is lukewarm. The money the private sector invests in these is minimal.
  • The Athletes are not taking these sports seriously for various reasons. Like fight among themselves for the participation in International events and failures in the doping test.
  • Sports in these days in any country are very important from various aspects. The question of winning doesn’t matter. Sports are very good for health. They are necessary for the integration of the country. While playing on the field the athletes play for the country and not for any particular caste or class. Therefore sports need to be encouraged.
  • The state, various departments, and society should take cue from the Prime Minister’s address and it is time now to invest in sports. Investment in sports is always a long term investment.
  • There should not be any differentiation towards those who won the medal and those who dint win. Participation and encouragement to participate is what is required.

Emphasis on Science and Technology

  • It was the 1st death anniversary of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Prime Minister emphasised a lot on Science and Technology. How to increase the scientific temper in the society, and how to innovate new ideas.
  • Without innovation the technology becomes obsolete and it becomes a burden. There is a constant need to innovate and experiment. Prime Minister emphasised on Atal Innovation Mission, labs in the schools etc. There is a concerted effort on the part of the Prime Minister to push the scientific agenda in the society.
  • India is trying to be a force in the world. In terms of our capabilities to grow economically, strategically and to participate in international affairs. At present world over the technology is getting innovated 3 months or 6 months at a time. Therefore innovation is imperative in India if we have to play a desired role in international politics or economics.
  • Investment in Research and Development is very important, which is very insignificant in our country. Neither state nor private sector is investing in R&D as it should be. We are competing not only with far away developed countries, but also with neighbouring countries like china.
  • Therefore it is very important to take interest and invest in innovation and encourage our young generation right from the school level to be innovative. Not simply to follow the given technology, rather to improve, invent and discover. The spirit of innovation and the spirit to start something new have to be inculcated at the school level.
  • The new programmes like Start-up India and Digital India are dependent on innovation. It becomes imperative that R&D is supported at every level in our society.

Health care and Antibiotics

  • There is an uncontrolled consumption of Antibiotic in our country. A British journal had published that how the drug resistance is developing in Indians.
  • There are multiple problems in the society regarding health.
    • There are no sufficient number of doctors and hospitals.
    • Health in public sector is quite difficult and health care in private sector is very costly. For a common man it is very difficult to get a prescription from the doctor. Either because of non availability of health centres or because of their financial conditions. So people follow the easy course like getting medicine from chemists or continuing the prescribed medicine of the doctor even after 2 years and relying on internet for self medication by the educated class.
  • It is the duty of the state to provide health care to its citizens at reasonable prices and wherever required at free of cost. This is an immediate necessity.
  • In any society education in health is very important. Control over the sale of Antibiotics should be implemented and enforced.
  • To reduce the mortality rate of pregnant women Prime Minister called upon doctors to dedicate 9th of every month to examine the pregnant women. There are shortages of doctors in the rural areas. Therefore doctors from urban area should visit rural areas at least once in a month for this purpose.

These initiatives have to be taken far away in the implementation level. There is a need for the linkage between development, environment and Science and Technology. These three have been neglected all over the world. In the name of development and scientific progression we have forgotten the relationship between development and environment. This needs to be taken care of.