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Insights Mains Test Series – 2016: Registration and Other Details

Hope you are aware of the Timetable and few basic details of Insights Mains Test Series – 2016. If not, please click here to know them.

We have created a simple platform where you can download soft copies of all Tests and their Solutions. Registration is simple. However, you must enter Your Name, Email ID, Phone Number and UPSC Roll Number (2016) and other details correctly

This platform is only for aspirants who are confident of giving Mains in 2016. If you are giving exam in 2017 or scoring very less in Prelims – 2016, please do not register. Instead let your focus be mainly on Secure and Mains Self Study Questions if you want to practice Mains Questions. 

This test series has 35 Tests. You can download question paper from your dashboard under ‘My Tests’ precisely at 10 am on the day of test. 

We have created new portal to bring discipline and seriousness into this program. We are charging Rs 200/- for entire Test Series. We would have loved to keep it completely free, but to avoid non-serious candidates and to bring accountability on our part, we are charging a nominal fee. 

All tests will be conducted on time according to the Timetable. 

If you want to improve, you must study seriously for each test and give it. If you are just giving them without preparation, you will not see much improvement in your answers. This is one of the mistakes which most aspirants commit.

Test – 1 question paper will be uploaded at 10 am on August 19th.

We sincerely hope you make use of this test series to the fullest and do well in Mains – 2016.

Wish you all the best.


To register, Please click the link below;

Register for Mains – 2016 Test Series

Note: Link will be active for a while. Please take your time and register.

Thank you!