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[Insights Secure – 2016] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 13 August 2016

[Insights Secure – 2016] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 13 August  2016

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General Studies – 1;

Topic:  Population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues

1) A new study suggests the idea of involving religious leaders in tackling neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Examine how can religion play major role in tackling neglected tropical diseases. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 2

Topic: Mechanisms, laws, institutions and Bodies constituted for the protection and betterment of these vulnerable sections.

2) “The Mental Health Care Bill, 2016, passed by the Rajya Sabha is a watershed legislation that lays down clear responsibilities for the state and has provisions that empower individuals and families.” Discuss. (200 Words)

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Topic: Transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures

3) “If we want to see cricket as a sport that is both ethically and morally significant, we must embrace the Lodha Committee’s recommendations on the BCCI.” Do you agree? Justify. (200 Words)

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Topic: Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

4) Critically analyse the impact of prohibition on the sale and consumption of alcohol in Bihar. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 3

TopicConservation; Investment; Infrastructure

5) After nearly four years of analysis and engagement with governments and development experts across 63 countries, the World Bank framed a new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) aimed at strengthening protections for people and the environment in investment projects financed by the bank. Critically examine if new ESF is adequate to safeguard vulnerable populations. (200 Words)

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Topic: S&T; Food processing and related industries in India-

6) What do you understand by trans fat? Why is it bad for health? Critically comment on measures taken  by food regulator in India to regulate trans fat content in processed foods. (200 Words)

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Topic: Basics of cyber security

7) Skimming is one of the more popular methods used by cyber-criminals. What is skimming? How is it done? Examine what measures should be taken by citizens to not to become victims of cyber crimes. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 4

Topic: Ethics in human actions;


8) As usual, Raju is listening to music and is walking towards a local park for morning walk. On his way, he witnesses a car hitting a person and speeding off. He could not notice car’s number or any of its features due to suddenness of the event. Since childhood he is scared of blood, and he is hesitant to even look at the victim who’s bleeding. Unfortunately, there are no people or vehicles around to help the victim. Even though he wants to help the victim badly, Raju gets scared and tries to walk away from the victim. In the past he had fainted at the sight of blood. However, he tries to call various numbers including police, ambulance and his friends. But no one picks his calls. Panicking, he decides to run away.

Can you say Raju’s conduct is unethical? Justify. If you were Raju, what would you have done? Comment . (200 Words)