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UPDATE: Full Length Free Mock Tests for Prelims 2016

From coming Monday to Friday (25th July to 29th July) we will post our five Full Length Mock Tests for your revision purpose. They will be posted at 9 pm. They will replace revision tests till 29th July.   (But please do follow timetable seriously irrespective of what questions we post. We are aware that lately we haven’t been able to post questions regularly.)

We have covered many important current events questions in these full length tests which we think you should revise thoroughly. Please solve our tests 2-3 times before Prelims. This will definitely help you. 

At this moment, your must aim to intensively revise as many tests as possible. Do not worry about your scores. Keep your focus on learning. The purpose of test series is to help you focus on all important areas. This purpose will be served if you focus more on learning as per the timetable. Till now whether you have solved tests or not, please at least start solving them now. 

Also these five tests are being posted to boost your morale. They actually provide insights into your level of preparation. We haven’t designed tests to show-off how much difficult questions we can frame. They are designed keeping in mind UPSC expectations. We are 100% sure that by giving these five tests you will get back your confidence (if lacking it). 

There won’t be any ranking. However, we will let you know what’s the good score in each of these tests. If you cross that score be sure of doing well in prelims. If you don’t do well, please push yourself and revise as much as possible.