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IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2016 and 2017 IAS Prelims Test Series



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Recently we outlined few details about our upcoming Test Series for IAS Prelims 2017. Hope you have gone through the post (If you haven’t, Click Here).

Since then we are receiving numerous queries regarding cost, date of payment, detailed timetable etc.

Following are the details:

  • Payment Gateway will open from 8th August. You can pay online at anytime any day from August 8th.
  • Cost of the Test Series for Prelims 2017 (General Studies Paper-1) is: Rs 5600 (Course Fees) + Rs 840 (Service Tax + Cess) = Rs 6440/-
  • On 8th August itself you will get Detailed Syllabus along with updated Timetable
  • There is no discount or any early bird offers to anyone. The fees is kept reasonable compared to all other test series out there (per test it costs you Rs 200/- only!) + You don’t have to pay for anything else. We hope you have read feedback on our tests given by toppers (including by Rank 4).
  • You will  get all previous Tests in the format of PDF in your dashboard (including 2016 tests).
  • Certain new features are added to our test series website this time. Details with screenshots will be posted on August 4th.

IMPORTANT Info for 2016 Subscribers

Those who had subscribed to 2016 Test Series will get access to all 2016 Test Papers in their dashboard. Both question papers + Questions cum solutions documents in the form of PDF will be made available to you for practice (As far as we know, all others who provide test series don’t provide previous tests) However, you Can NOT give exams online nor you won’t get ranking. You can see all your rankings and performance analysis only till 6th August (midnight).  

If at all you want to give tests, please give NOW itself (above mentioned PDF files will still be made available even after you take tests online). You will get ranking, analysis everything. Also you might get confidence to give 2016 Prelims too! Please hurry and start giving tests.

In case you want to enrol for 2017 Test Series, you can do so using Same Login Credentials through your dashboard. After 7th, you (2016 subscriber) will only be able to download PDF of 2014, 2015 and 2016 tests (Question Paper + Questions & solutions). 

Final Note:

For 2017 we hope to give you the best test series possible which will enable you to crack prelims with confidence. Going forward, this will be the only commercial aspect of our all efforts. We hope you continue to support us. Thank you.