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MISSION 2017: Timetable for 2017 UPSC Prelims Test Series Program

UPDATE: Please read HERE latest update on Prelims 2017 Test Series

NOTE: Payment gateway will be activated later and details will be notified soon. Also DETAILED TIMETABLE will be provided after 7th August

You must be aware by now that UPSC is going to conduct 2017 civil services preliminary exam on 18th June 2017. So, you have 11 months to prepare well for 2017 exam.

Many are asking us what they should do till we start our Prelims test series. If you are preparing for 2017, please follow these steps:

  1. Decide on your Optional subject. Your decision should be practical. Decide based on both your interest and how much marks toppers are getting in a particular optional. If more toppers are getting good score and you have some interest in the subject, go for it. Go through both syllabus and previous questions as well. Spend 2-3 days on this exercise and finally decide on which subject you want to go with. Once decided, buy relevant books and start preparing. You must aim to complete optional subject by December (with or without coaching).
  2. Start reading The Hindu religiously. Focus on understanding issues in and out. Don’t do research on single topic for hours. Try to create your own opinion on all issues. But make sure that your opinions are not narrow. They should be secular, inclusive and broad based. If possible, try to write down your opinions in a notebook or on a blog.
  3. Once you start liking reading and analysing news, you should begin answer writing practice. Start following Secure religiously. It will help you immensely.
  4. Try to understand the nature of whole exam. What it’s demanding from you. What’s the nature of syllabus and questions etc should be understood properly.
  5. Once we start Prelims Test Series, from day one itself start preparing according to the timetable. After each test you will feel more confident. Along with test series, you should regularly prepare for Optional and do answer writing practice.

This is just outline. After prelims, we will be writing an in-depth article for you on complete preparation strategy. For now, please follow above mentioned suggestions. (You can start reading NCERT once test series starts)

Regarding 2017 Test Series

This year, we have included revision tests in between. Out test series website will have some new features too.

We have decided to keep the price almost same for this year too. Details about when the payment gateway opens for 2017 Test Series subscription will be notified later.

The Timetable given below has only dates. Complete syllabus will be updated after analysing 2016 Prelims Paper.

The experience of framing so many questions has given us insight about expectation of UPSC and also from where it usually picks up questions. Accordingly, the next test series is going to suggest you only relevant sources. We will remove some of the obsolete sources which are no more relevant. Be sure that the next test series is going to be even better that this year’s. 

You don’t have to spend too much money on coaching for general studies classes.  We don’t charge for anything else. Free Mains Test series will be given to you. With peer review, you can confidently practice answer writing on the website for free. Synopsis will be uploaded for free after prelims for you to self evaluate your answer. 

Just make sure that you take care of your optional subject. Rest everything will be made available here. You can prepare confidently from any part of the country. Our test series is intended to enable you to tackle any kind of question in exam.It makes your preparation more productive and fulfilling. 

 Practising more number of questions matters. Don’t rely on shortcuts. Any strategy should enable you to breathe easy after giving the exam. You should feel that you are going to clear prelims with huge margin. It is really very important to start Mains preparation without any tension in your mind.


Download PDF Here

With this timetable, you can plan your preparation strategy for whole year. Wish you good luck 🙂