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Quick Update: Time and Place of Posting of Tests under Insights Revision Plan

Many are asking where Day 1 syllabus based questions are posted. As per timetable, they will be posted tonight at 9.30 pm. Questions on today’s topics will be posted tomorrow at 9.30 pm. 

So, every day questions will be posted at 9.30 pm (fixed time). If at all any changes are there in timing, we will notify you.

Also, Links to all these tests will be provided within the Timetable (Under 9.30 to 10.30 column)  and also a separate page is created HERE.

You can discuss all your doubts on test questions within the comment section of each post where quiz (small test) is posted. They will be indexed in the separate page created for them. 

To keep yourself updated, please enter your email ID below and keep updated. Thank you.

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