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Thank You Messages to Insights from Insights Followers: Rank – 4, 13, 25, 40, 60, 85, 133, 150, 152, 202, 480, 694 and 732 (CSE – 2015)

raviteja iasWe are very happy to receive thank you note by Artika Shukla, Siddharth Jain,  Chandra Mohan GargGazal Bharadwaj, Atul Vats, Alankrita PandeyAgam Jain, Ambarish VL Vemuri,  Ravindra Goswami, Abhishek Gupta, Rajat Chaturvedi, Raviteja B and Puja  who have secured Rank – 4, 13,  25, 40, 60, 85, 133, 150, 152, 202, 480, 694 and 732  respectively in UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2015. We feel humbled and proud that they were regular followers of Insights, and some of our initiatives, especially Secure helped them in securing good marks in General Studies papers. If you are following Secure religiously, be sure of getting great marks in all general studies papers. 

We hope many more come forward and let us know that we were of some help in their exam preparation (it’s our policy NOT to claim credit or post toppers names unless they themselves acknowledge, or they belong to our offline classes)

Following are the screenshots of Toppers’ comments (to read original comments, click HERE)

RANK – 4 Artka Shukla

artika shukla ias topper, insights ias toppers


RANK – 13 Siddharth Jain (Click Here)siddharth jain ias insights


RANK – 25 Chandra Mohan Garg

upsc ias toppers insights


RANK – 40 Gazal Bharadwaj

RANK 40 IAS 2016, GAZAL BHARADWAJ, insights ias toppers

RANK – 85 Alankrita Pandey

alankrita pandey ias, upsc ias topper 2016 alankrita pandey

RANK – 60 Atul Vats (Verified through Mail)

atul vats ias, insights atul vats

RANK – 133 Agam Jain

agam jain ias topper, upsc ias


RANK – 202 Abhishek Gupta

abhishek gupta ias topper, insights ias toppers

Ambarish VL Vemuri Rank – 150

ambarish vemuri ias


  Ravindra Goswami Rank – 152

ravindra goswami ias


 Rajat Chaturvedi Rank – 480

rajat chaturvedi

Raviteja B Rank – 694

raviteja ias

Puja  Rank – 732

rajat chaturvedi




You can read their original comments HERE.