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Insights Mains 2015 Offline Test Series Result: 30+ Students Clear Mains

Last year, because of huge demand, instead of taking 30, we took 40 students in core batch. After criticism, we gave chances to freshers and less experienced in this batch. We also allowed many students to write exams in our classroom as non-core students for whom regular feedback was not given on their answers.

After prelims – 2015 result and by the time Mains was nearing, there were only 40-45 (Core + Non-core, among these 33 from Core only)  students writing all the tests regularly.

Of these 40+ students, 33 (Few more are yet to be verified) have cleared UPSC civil services Mains 2015. Among these, 27 are from the core batch (i.e. out of 33).

We sincerely hope each one of them does well in interview and get a very good rank this year. We wish them all the best.