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MOTIVATION: You Can Still be a Topper!

Your attitude, level of confidence and mindset during next six days would decide whether you will be in the final list of successful candidates or not. No matter what is your level of preparation, you badly want to get a call for interview, and then see your name in the final list.

You will never want to write this exam again! Reading same books again and again; practising answer writing on same issues; endless discussions on current events; waiting for the results for months; unending pressure from all corners – parents, friends, colleagues, relatives etc; shifting loads of books from one place to another…No, you really do not want to write this exam again. You just want to get a rank and settle as soon as possible.

Then, next six days are the ones that give you an opportunity to get out from this mess called UPSC civil services exam preparation. You will do well, if you want to do well badly. If you have spent decent amount of time preparing for Mains, be sure that, provided you interpret questions correctly and answer them with all your concentration, you will still have fair chance of clearing Mains.

This is the time to free your mind from all past burden. Let your entire focus be on writing apt answers.

No topper will ever know that he or she is going to get a top rank. You can be the next topper, you never know. Gather all your strength and face these exams with a positive attitude.

Enjoy all the questions. Read them carefully. If you can correctly understand demand of the question, you are ready with half the answer. Repeatedly read each question and write a relevant answer.

Only those who write relevant answers get good scores. To write relevant answers, your mind should be calm, happy and clear from all preconceptions.

Treat these exams as your final battle. No more exams next year! Give everything you have at your disposal.

Yes, it seems like you are forgetting everything, it is same for everyone. You are not alone. All that matters is how much you can recall in those three hours and translate them into good answers. You can do this.  For this, you should enjoy writing answers in the exam. Very few enjoy writing, you should be one among them. If you can enjoy what you are writing, three hours will be a cakewalk for you.

Be relaxed. Everything will be alright.

Wish you all the best. We sincerely hope that you do well in Mains and pass it with huge margin.

Please take care of your health and be fit to face this one crucial hurdle.