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SACE STUDY:Following are the hypothetical options for Richa. Analyse their merits and demerits.

  1.           Richa, who is 25 year old, is pursuing her PhD under the guidance of a sixty-year-old male professor. He is an acclaimed scholar and has published many books to his credit. His articles frequently appear in international journals and newspapers. Getting PhD under his guidance is assumed as guaranteed ticket to job or admission in any reputed foreign institution.  He is also known to be tough with his students. His expectations from his students are high and extremely demanding. In the past many students could not meet his expectations and left their PhD in the middle. However, in recent months the professor has grown fond of Richa.

Richa’s friends who have noticed this behaviour in professor have advised her to use this opportunity to complete her thesis as fast as possible as time is running out for her to get admission to her dream college. Richa’s childhood dream is to get into a reputed Ivy League college, and this is her only opportunity to get there. The professor, who is single, starts to get emotionally attached with Richa more and more. Richa notices that the professor is expecting more than emotional attachment from her. The professor, to his credit, till now has behaved decently with her though.

Following are the hypothetical options for Richa. Analyse their merits and demerits.

  1. Richa should make use of professor’s weakness to get her PhD approved soon
  2. If professor advances physically on Richa, she should leave her course and file complaint against him with the police
  3. Richa should remain silent until she gets her PhD and then file police complaint against him if he physically abuses her

Is it wrong for professor to love his student who is of his daughter’s age? Justify.

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