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MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 24 (GS – 4)

MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 24 (GS-4)


NOTE: Those who want to write in notebook should treat this as a Real Exam and try to complete the paper within One and Half Hours. You can download PDF copy of the same HERE. The Timetable is HERE.

Insights Mains Offline Test Series 2015


Mock Test – 24                                                                                                         

25 November 2015

Duration: 3 Hours

Answer ALL the questions in this section in NOT more than 150 words. Each question under this section carries 10 Marks.

  1. (a) Why, in your opinion, despite plenty of resources available on earth, humans fight with each other to control resources?


             (b) Is it ethical for governments to spend money on hosting grand parties and lavish dinners to foreign dignitaries when nearly millions of poor children and women might be going hungry to bed? Justify.


  1. (a) Is there a relationship between ethics and religion? Can an atheist be ethical? Comment.


              (b) It is said that once one becomes famous and a public person, he or she should not worry about media and public discussing about his or her private affairs. Assuming that you become a national icon someday, will you be open to public scrutiny? Critically comment.


  1. (a) ““Without ethics, a human race falls to inhumanity. Ethics determines your real value in this world and the hereafter.” Explain with examples.


               (b) “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”  Comment.


  1. (a) “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.” Comment.


              (b) Is it ethical for an individual to plunder the affluent and help the poor from the looted money? Some justify that this is better compared to the action of government that does the same by imposing huge taxes on rich and then help the poor through schemes. What is your opinion on this? Critically comment.


  1. (a) Is begging unethical and should be made illegal? Some argue that politicians requesting votes through various campaign methods is akin to begging. Do you agree? Critically comment.


              (b) Some view caste as necessity and some view it as social evil. Will abolition of caste system bring peace in Indian society? Critically comment.


  1. Corruption as a human act, has moral and ethical implications and so can be analyzed from the ethical and moral perspectives. Analyse against the backdrop of deontologism.


  1. As a civil servant, what innovative measures can you implement to stop violence against weaker sections of the society? Discuss.


  1. It is found in several surveys that children who have access to social networking sites and uninterrupted internet connection are exposed to harmful sites such as child and adult porn sites. Do you think easy accessibility of technology is spoiling children today? How one can protect them from dangers of Internet? Examine.




In the following questions, carefully study the cases presented and then answer the questions that follow. Each question under this section carries 20 Marks.


  1. After rigorous training, you are newly posted as Panchayat Secretary to a Gram Panchayat. Soon after taking charge from your predecessor, people from surrounding villages start pouring in with grievances. You find out that you were the first permanent secretary to be appointed in last five years. In your interactions with people, you hear that all the members who got elected have spent nearly five lakhs each to win elections. Some of the members are small time contractors, some are from very poor families but are sponsored by rich local politicians and, half the members, who are women, are illiterate. You also hear that two members with murder charges have also been elected. When you verify all that you have heard, you find out that most of it is true. After few days, few members bring fake bills purportedly spent on repairing bore wells, drains and fixing broken pipelines and ask you to pay them cheques in their names.

You find out that this has been the norm so far there. They tell you that they have spent money from their pockets to repair works in their wards and money should be paid immediately. Especially two very poor members plead you that they are being harassed by moneylenders and need money at any cost. The bills are fake and are inflated by 100 to 200 per cent. Moreover, you cannot pay cheque to any member without the approval of panchayat body. Nor you can spend a rupee without the notice of panchayat chairman. Soon you find out that most members are greedy and are ready to go to any extent to extract money from panchayat. Members with murder charge, issue you veiled threats as well.

Your parents who are aware of these developments insist you to resign from the job and prepare for other competitive exams. They want you to pass civil services exam, get into IAS and reform panchayats.  They have noticed that you are mentally stressed due to certain developments in panchayat and want you to immediately resign.

  1. Are there any options available to you to reform your gram panchayat? Critically analyse them.
  2. Will you resign and prepare for other exams as suggested by your parents? Justify.

Will you suggest future aspirants for panchayat secretary post to not to go for this post? Explain. (250 Words)


  1. Some critics argue that the Green Revolution, which is normally praised for ensuring food sufficiency in countries like India, is also the cause of following problems:


  1. Caused environmental harm through substantial use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  2. Made agriculture in the developing world dependent on Western agribusiness products such as hybrid seed and fertilizers
  3. Disrupted long-standing social systems in rural areas
  4. Advocated a blanket solution to agricultural problems rather than regional approaches
  5. Significantly undermined regional foods and genetic biodiversity

Do you think, Green Revolution did more harm than good to people and the regions where it was implemented? Analyse each of the problems mentioned above and comment if it is ethical to disrupt nature and force new technologies to alter traditional methods.  (250 Words)

  1. You are working as senior scientist in one of government’s top defence labs. The government that is aggressive in defence production is funding a secret research project to produce chemical and biological weapons to keep them ready to use in a war against an enemy, which has gone rogue in recent years. The enemy country has been threatening your government since long time and the threats are real. It is found that the rogue country possesses weapons of mass destruction that includes biological and chemical weapons. You find out that the weapons, if developed by your lab and used under any circumstances, will be disastrous to the Earth’s environment and many life forms. When you object to such a project proposal, you are removed from your post and forced to take voluntary retirement.

Based on the above case, give your opinions, with reasons for your answers, on the following questions:


  1. Was it correct on your part to oppose to a project that was helping national security?
  2. If the rogue nation can produce such weapons, why shouldn’t your government produce and keep them ready?
  3. Was government right in removing you from your post?
  4. Will you blow whistle in this case either in media or to concerned international agencies?  (250 Words)


  1. Your wife, a central government employee, needs to undergo cancer surgery to remove a deadly tumour. The cost of chemotherapy and surgery has been expensive. The present surgery would cost substantial amount of money. Being a government servant, she is eligible to get reimbursement on all emergency medical expenses. Being unemployed, you have been living on your wife’s earnings. There are no savings. There is no one to help you financially as most of your friends are not financially sound. Somehow you get a loan from moneylender at high interest rate on a condition that you return it within fifteen days and pay the hospital expenses. After the surgery, moneylender starts pressuring you to repay his money. When you go to concerned authority to get reimbursement of wife’s medical expenses, he seeks three percent bribe of the amount to expedite reimbursement. He tells you bluntly that if you refuse to pay bribe, it would take months to get reimbursement, but if you pay bribe, it will happen within two days.

In such a situation some of your friends suggest you to pay bribe and some suggest you not to pay. The situation is such that you must get reimbursement fast. If not, the interest rate on the loan taken by you will be heavy to bear if you delay repaying the loan.

Explain the ethical issues involved in this case study and critically analyse options available to you. Justify which option would you choose.  (250 Words)


  1. The State Pollution Control Authority advises the Sunshine Chemical Corporation that it has 90 days to apply for a permit to discharge manufacturing wastes into a local river, regarded by locals as sacred.


In order to convince the Authority that it will meet the environmental standards, the Sunshine Corporation employs Ravi, an engineer, to perform consulting engineering services and submit a detailed report. After completing the studies, Ravi concludes that the discharge from the plant will violate environmental standards and that the corrective action will be very costly to Sunshine. Ravi verbally notifies the company, which terminates its contract with Ravi with full payment for the services performed. It instructs Ravi not to render a written report to the corporation.


A short time later, Ravi learns that the Authority has called a public hearing, where the Sunshine Corporation will present data to support its claim that the present plant discharge meets minimum standards. At the same time, media reports that the Sunshine Company is under huge debt and is on the verge of closing its operations.


What, if anything, should Ravi do now? Is Ravi obliged to report the violation of environmental standards to the Authority? Justify. (250 Words)


  1. You are in charge of evacuation operations in a flood hit metro city. Severe floods have devastated the city. Many homes have been submerged. The areas where upper middle class and rich people are less severely affected, but the areas where poor live have been completely devastated. They are in urgent need of evacuation. Floods have washed many people in poor colonies away and majority of them require urgent intervention. Important government functionaries, businessmen and influential people have been stuck in their homes and have used their connections to seek immediate help. You are asked by concerned cabinet minister to first evacuate these people and reach them to safe places.  Minister tells you that many of his relatives live in those areas. But, the situation warrants that the poor must be evacuated first.


What will you do in this situation? Justify and give examples of such dilemmas a public servant might face while serving her country and the measures you would take to overcome those situations. (250 Words)