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ETHICS CASE STUDY: Will you suggest future aspirants for panchayat secretary post to not to go for this post? Explain. (250 Words)

MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 24 (GS-4)


NOTE: Those who want to write in notebook should treat this as a Real Exam and try to complete the paper within One and Half Hours. You can download PDF copy of the same HERE. The Timetable is HERE.

Insights Mains Offline Test Series 2015


Mock Test – 24                                                                                                         

25 November 2015

  1. After rigorous training, you are newly posted as Panchayat Secretary to a Gram Panchayat. Soon after taking charge from your predecessor, people from surrounding villages start pouring in with grievances. You find out that you were the first permanent secretary to be appointed in last five years. In your interactions with people, you hear that all the members who got elected have spent nearly five lakhs each to win elections. Some of the members are small time contractors, some are from very poor families but are sponsored by rich local politicians and, half the members, who are women, are illiterate. You also hear that two members with murder charges have also been elected. When you verify all that you have heard, you find out that most of it is true. After few days, few members bring fake bills purportedly spent on repairing bore wells, drains and fixing broken pipelines and ask you to pay them cheques in their names.

You find out that this has been the norm so far there. They tell you that they have spent money from their pockets to repair works in their wards and money should be paid immediately. Especially two very poor members plead you that they are being harassed by moneylenders and need money at any cost. The bills are fake and are inflated by 100 to 200 per cent. Moreover, you cannot pay cheque to any member without the approval of panchayat body. Nor you can spend a rupee without the notice of panchayat chairman. Soon you find out that most members are greedy and are ready to go to any extent to extract money from panchayat. Members with murder charge, issue you veiled threats as well.

Your parents who are aware of these developments insist you to resign from the job and prepare for other competitive exams. They want you to pass civil services exam, get into IAS and reform panchayats.  They have noticed that you are mentally stressed due to certain developments in panchayat and want you to immediately resign.

  1. Are there any options available to you to reform your gram panchayat? Critically analyse them.
  2. Will you resign and prepare for other exams as suggested by your parents? Justify.

Will you suggest future aspirants for panchayat secretary post to not to go for this post? Explain. (250 Words)