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[Insights Secure – 2015] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Events: 23 November 2015

[Insights Secure – 2015] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Events: 23 November  2015

Archives – Secure 2015

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General Studies – 1;

TopicHistory of the world – redrawal of boundaries

1) “Schengen is the greatest achievement of European integration”. Discuss. (150 Words)

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General Studies – 2

TopicWelfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States and the performance of these schemes;

2) In your opinion, what entails women empowerment? Recently the government has proposed to merge Mahila Samakhya (MS) programme with NRLM. Do you think this proposal, if implemented, would help more women empowerment? Critically examine. (200 Words)



TopicBilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests 

3) Critically assess India’s engagement with South – East Asia. (200 Words)


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General Studies – 3

Topic:  Indian economy – growth and development

4) Critics argue that none of the economic reforms introduced in recent months are either transformative nor structural. What do you understand by transformative and structural reforms? why they are needed? Also examine if critics are correct. (200 Words)

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TopicResource mobilization

5) Write a critical note on the economic implications of latest pay commission. (200 Words)

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TopicPrevention of money laundering

6) Discuss the measures taken by the government to curb the domestic flow of black money and money laundering. (200 Words)

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General Studies – 4

Topic:Dimensions of ethics

7) What do you understand by deontological ethics? Discuss with examples. (200 Words)