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MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 19 (GS-4 Ethics)

MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 19 (GS-4)


NOTE: Those who want to write in notebook should treat this as a Real Exam and try to complete the paper within One and Half Hours. You can download PDF copy of the same HERE. The Timetable is HERE.

Insights Mains Offline Test Series 2015


Mock Test – 19                                                                                                          

03 November 2015

Duration: 1 Hour

Answer ALL the questions in NOT MORE THAN the words specified in parenthesis before each question.


  1. Suppose a pregnant woman comes to know that the child to be born would either die by the age of five due an unknown medical condition or would be severely disabled for life unable to see, talk or walk forever, and if this woman resorts to abortion of this unborn child, would you call it unethical? Justify giving reasons. (200 Words, 10M)


  1. What arguments can be made in favour of euthanasia? Don’t you think humans have right to die when and how they want to? Discuss. (200 Words, 10M)


  1. Some people believe that animals don’t have rights or that even if they do, those rights should count for less than human wishes. Do you agree with this belief? Comment. (200 Words, 10M)


  1. Are wealthy people less ethical? Critically comment. (150 Words, 10M)


  1. You are working as field anthropologist among a remote tribe where blood feud is a common practice. You are staying at a place from where you can have a clear look at the day-to-day activities of these tribal people. The group trusts you and a bond has been established between you and them. They have allowed you to stay among them due to immense trust and love for you. One night, you hear loud noises of men fighting each other. You witness a powerful young man killing another one with his machete. Immediately you note down every incident of the night in your notebook. The body of the dead is carried and funeral is held, where the killer is allowed to participate. Next day, unlike any other day, police visit the tribal hamlet and start investigating the murder. You come to know that the brother of the dead man, the only person ever to get formal basic education in this tribal group and the one who used to assist you in field studies, had walked all the night to nearby police station and had complained against the man who had killed his brother. When the police enquire whole hamlet, everyone denies the murder having taken place or having witnessed one. The police come to you and seek information regarding the murder.


Will you tell the truth and lose the trust of the tribe? What options do you have here? Discuss. (250 Words, 20M)



  1. You are working as an editor of a reputed daily newspaper. Two of your young recruits come to you and tell that they have found a source who can reveal shocking information about current Prime Minister (PM) which if proved correct would result in the demise of the incumbent government. When you try to be indifferent, they provide preliminary proof that the PM is part of a huge corruption scandal and a direct beneficiary of the same. When you ask about the source, they refuse to divulge any details citing journalistic principles. But they seek your trust and permission to go ahead with the story. You had personally recruited them from country’s top journalism school and know that these two young fellows are competent and trustworthy. But at the same time you realize that if the story is wrong and these two have been misled by some vested interests, you will be losing the credibility and damage reputation of your newspaper. Also the PM is a popular figure in the country and is politically too powerful. Few days later, these two young journalists show you further proof that the PM is indeed a direct beneficiary of a scam that has cost country billions of dollars. When you seek information about the source, they do not reveal anything and just request you to trust them fully. (20M)


What kind of dilemmas these two young journalists have put you into and how will you face them each? Comment. (150 Words)


Suppose you come to know about the source after lots of persuasion of two young journalists, will you reveal his/her name in your investigative report or in subsequent inquiries by investigative agencies? Justify. (150 Words)


  1. You are working a district collector in a very backward district. Senior officers, politicians and citizens have appreciated your works. A powerful union cabinet minister chooses you to be his private secretary bypassing many senior officers. He has many corruption and murder cases against him. The cases are being heard in different courts in the country. He is not convicted yet. He is regarded as deputy to the Prime Minister. He is also a controversial figure who keeps making damaging statements against minorities and women. Working as private secretary to a union cabinet minister at your young age is a rare opportunity to grow well in career. Will you accept this offer? Justify giving suitable reasons. (200 Words, 10M)


  1. If you are given chance to teach ethics to political leaders, what values would you teach and emphasize on? Discuss why. (150 Words, 10M)