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Insights ONLINE Prelims Test Series – 2016 (Paper – 1): Register Now – First Test on October 30th

Note: Even if you have already subscribed, please read this post once again. Thank you.

Important Updates:

  • Please CLICK HERE to Pay Fees and Subscribe Now!
  • URGETNT! For those whose account has not been activated even after payment, Please send Instamojo Payment ID, Registered Email and Phone Number to at the earliest with subject ‘Account Activation Needed’. Sorry for the inconvenience, but issue will be solved within two days. There was a bug and we have fixed it. This affected only few people and is no more a problem.
  • Our new website is still in Beta mode. If you face certain problems, please let us know. We will fix them. Your support is needed here. Thank you.
  • Mains Self Study Timetable will be posted Tomorrow Night at 11 pm. (You don’t have to read anything extra for Test – 1. Mains related topics will be included from November 1st)
  • You can give test at your convenience. Please give tests only after you prepare well as you can take it only once! Take your time and give each test, but give it before next test begins.
  • The last date for Prelims Registration is July 2016. But to prepare better, subscribe as early as possible.
  • Please read FAQs regarding any other doubts on Test Series and send queries to
  • Details for Offline Test Series will be sent on November 1st.

Regarding Online Test Series – 2016

The importance of scoring well in Prelims GS Paper – 1 has been felt by so many deserving candidates  in 2015 UPSC preliminary exam. As competition is tough, scoring good marks in Paper -1 has become very important to cross the first hurdle. You can prepare very well, but you should test your preparation through quality tests. Test series will help minimize mistakes, keep you a correct path and assess your preparation level.

It is even more important for freshers to not to deviate and study what is relevant to crack this exam. We sincerely believe that a good test series helps in this regard.

Our tests are designed to keep you busy till 2016 Mains by integrating it with Mains self study. A clear roadmap has been given for you to follow and go for a rank (not just to clear prelims or mains). Many of our previous subscribers have cleared prelims this year with huge margin thanks to their hard work and a disciplined approach to test series.

Prelims is a first hurdle that must be crossed to reach your dream. You can cross it without joining any test series too, but to have a streamlined preparation and to test your preparation level at regular intervals, taking tests are necessary.

The era of rote learning is gone now. UPSC can ask any question in Prelims – a fact that you might have dismissed as too obvious or silly can be tested, or a concept you might have left because of its difficult nature can also be tested. We are taking care this year not to be too conceptual nor too factual. We will try our best to make sure that you get the feel of UPSC prelims long before you attempt the real one.

In this regard, we have created an exclusive website for conducting online mock tests for those preparing for UPSC civil services preliminary exam. We received feedback last year to move to such platform to make your preparation and experience more meaningful. We listened and created a website for this purpose.


  1. All India Ranking – Ranking in Individual Test and in overall Tests (cumulative ranking)
  2. Analysis of your performance – Individual and in relation to others performance
  3. Tests are both Mobile and Tablet friendly.
  4. Flexible timing. You can take tests any time and any day at your convenience. Once a test is activated, it will be there till end for you to take it. But to see your name in the Rank List, please take a test before next one begins, which means, you will not see your name in Rank List if you take test after scheduled date of next test.  This is to avoid fake ranks and present a rank list that is as honest as possible.
  5. You can take online exam only once as of now. This is to make sure that Ranks are genuine and to bring seriousness in exam preparation. Knowing that you can take exam 2 times might affect seriousness. For revision you will have PDF file which you can download anytime. However, at appropriate interval we will increase number of attempt by one to help you revise even better.
  6. A PDF with questions and detailed solutions will be made available to you after the completion of test. You can also download it ANYTIME from your dashboard. Only SINGLE PDF will be available (Not two separate PDFs one with questions and solutions) with your name, email DI embedded in it.
  7. FAQs is provided for you to clear doubts
  8. There is also Feedback form in your dashboard. Please feel free to suggest us improvements. We will do our best to improve your overall experience.

Registration Process;

  1. In the Online Test Series Website, please hit Subscribe Button and enter correct details (Only Name, Email, Password and Phone)
  2. You will be asked to whether you want to ‘PAY NOW’ or Later. If you choose NOW, you will be taken to Payment Gateway. If you choose NOT NOW, you will be registered and can login anytime at ( and Pay amount.
  3. Once amount is paid, your account will be activated
  4. After activation, you can start taking tests only from October 30th as scheduled. Till then you can not access tests. However you can edit your profile and check the schedule.
  5. Please Update your Profile by adding your Picture and other details. It will be great to see your photo in All India Ranking!
  6. Registration will be open till July 2016. But we request you to pay now itself and start preparation on a war footing.
  7. Once the test is activated, you will get an SMS alert (if you check the box and accept to receive SMS notification while subscribing)

In case you face any problem, please mail us at



Discount is not given to students subscribing after 15th November. 

To students who have subscribed before 15th November, we will start refunding 25% of their fees from  1st of December.

Revision Tests:

We will update timetable to include mini – revision tests in between regular mock tests. Be assured of this feature. Without revision preparation is meaningless.

Test Discussions:

We will open a dedicated page for each test to discuss your doubts. This year we will address your doubts unlike previous year. These pages will be opened on this website (

Regarding Mains Self Study:

As you already know we will be posting Mains static questions based on the timetable we have uploaded on this website after each mock test. Next week we will update the timetable to include Mains topics and their sources that are not there in prelims syllabus.

Be assured that once you start giving prelims tests and Mains tests along with following Secure, Daily Quiz, Current Events and Daily Debates you will be moving in a right direction. Just make sure that you do not neglect Optional at any cost.

One most important thing you should remember is that if you consistently follow these things, nobody can stop you from getting rank. Be honest with you and be consistent. Please give tests on time and prepare on time on a regular basis. You will feel very confident with each passing day if you are consistent.

The timetable will be posted on October 28th (11 pm).

Previous Tests

We will make available 2014 and 2015 Tests in your Dashboard itself. This feature will be added by November 20th.


Whereas The norm is to increase fees, we have kept fees same as last year’s i.e. Rs 5999/-

We believe that our fees is reasonable considering quality, number of tests, the amount of time and energy they save and all other bonus features you get with them.

Finally, Click The below Button to Visit Our New Website and Register for the Prelims Test Series – 2016 Thank you very much for your continued cooperation.