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ETHICS CASE STUDY: What will you do in this situation? Justify.

Topic: Ethical concerns and dilemma in public and private institutions

7) You are working as Principal in an engineering college. You are known for strict discipline. Few in college management are not happy with the way you are bringing various reforms.  Few senior professors are trying for the post of Principal by spreading false rumours against you. Your son was recently caught red-handed while cheating in engineering entrance examination. A case was filed against him and he was debarred from taking any entrance exam for next 3 years. No engineering college was ready to admit him even under management quota because of case against him. Your wife requests you to talk to your college management and admit your son to any branch. The college management refuses saying that if media or rivals come to know about this, the college would get a bad name. However, the management which was looking for ways to remove you suggests that they would give admission to your son if you resign as Principal of the college.

What will you do in this situation? Justify. (200 Words)