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ETHICS CASE STUDY: What options does she have? What advice will you give her? Explain.

Topic: Family values; Ethics in private relations

6) You and your close friend are preparing for civil services exam in Delhi. You had cleared this exam in previous attempt, but you are again preparing to improve your rank this year. Your close friend did not clear UPSC civil services preliminary exam in her third attempt whereas you have cleared it again. She is very depressed and inconsolable. This time she was hoping to clear as she was sure that she had done well. She was already preparing well for Mains exam. Your friend is telling you that she would quit civil services exam preparation and go back to software job which she dislikes very much. She is scared that if she goes back to home, she will be forced to agree to marry a distant relative as she is already 28. Her parents are opposed to her software job too. She was hoping that she would get into civil services this year and marry her childhood friend whom her family hates. Now her parents are forcing her to return home. She tells you that she would better die than going back to home as it would mean end to her civil services dream as well as her wish to marry her boyfriend. She is asking for your advice at this moment.

What options does she have? What advice will you give her? Explain. (200 Words)