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ETHICS CASE STUDY: What course of action will you suggest to your son? Justify.

Topic:integrity, impartiality and non-partisanship; Values in educational institutions

6) Your son is studying in 12th standard in a government residential school. He is school captain and is also head of students committee that looks after catering needs of school mess. One unfortunate day, hundreds of children in school fall sick after consuming chicken biryani. Preliminary investigation by Principal himself reveals that a very old stock of chicken was used in preparing biryani. Your son was away due to sports meet when food committee members along with school catering assistant had purchased chicken from the market. His team members tell your son that the catering assistant bought meat of dead chicken at half the market price despite their objection. The meat was also undercooked in biryani. Now, the Principal who is very close to catering assistant, threatens to punish your son and his team members for causing the food poisoning. They are threatened with suspension if they reveal the truth to enquiry committee that would be sent by District Collector later. They are asked to lie to the committee by saying that a lizard has fallen into biryani while it was being cooked. Your son who wants to become a doctor is studying well and has always been topper in studies. If he is suspended, he might risk his future studies. His friends want him to obey Principal’s orders.

What course of action will you suggest to your son? Justify. (200 Words)

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