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ETHICS CASE STUDY: Will you forgive your friend and move on with your life? Justify.

Topic:  Ethics in human actions.

8) Two years ago when you were staying in Delhi to prepare for civil services exam, you had lost your laptop and smartphone. As you were comfortable using them for studies, they had all the resources meant for your exam preparation. You were shattered and demoralised. Your roommate had comforted you and helped you file police complaint, but police never took your complaint seriously. Later you moved back to your native place and joined a software company. You still have ambition to become an IAS officer but unfortunately you do not have extra attempts to give exam again. One day you receive a letter from your roommate who had helped you file complaint when you had lost your laptop. In the letter he confesses that it was him who had stolen your laptop and sold them to get money. He says that he used that money to join a coaching class which he desperately needed at that time. He writes that he has cleared exam and has been allotted a central service. He asks for your forgiveness and has also attached a cheque equivalent to the amount of what he had stolen from you. He is apologetic and repeats in the letter that the guilt would haunt him until you forgive him for his shameful act.

Will you forgive your friend and move on with your life? Justify. (200 Words)