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TIMETABLE – Insights Test Series 2016 + Mains Self Study Guide

Note: All NCERTs referred in the Timetable are NEW ones. You can download them here.

Thank you for your tremendous response.

We are posting Tentative Timetable for 2016 Prelims Test Series + Mains Self Study Guide. As we have already explained in previous article (please click here):

  1. Prelims Test Series is Paid one
  2. Mains Self Study Guide is Free one

Mains Self Study Questions will be based on Prelims Test Series Topics and Sources. This self study guide mainly covers basics, standard books and standard sources such as Economic survey, Yojana and India – 2016 books.

Mains Self Study will be complimentary to our Secure Initiative which covers current events comprehensively from mains point of view. We hope you are following Secure regularly.

Coming to Prelims Test Series, this year based on UPSC Prelims 2015 experience, we have added few extra sources such as History by Sumit Sarkar (you can buy it Here) and From Plassey to Partition: A History of Modern India by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay (You can buy it Here) along with Bipan Chandra’s book (which is becoming outdated).

Don’t get scared. We have chosen very few chapters from these books to holistically cover both Prelims + Mains History topics from their syllabi.

We have included Yojana Magazine as well. This magazine is important for Mains, hence questions will be framed from this under Mains Self Study Guide.

World History, Indian Society and Post independent India’s history will be covered under mains Self Study (timetable will be updated) once we are done with NCERT books.

Objective of This Plan:

By the time you write prelims, you will be in a position to get very good marks (130+) in Prelims and confident enough to write answers to Mains questions. This will be fruit of your own hard work. Please work hard.

You will read and revise all necessary sources for Prelims and Mains by August 2016. You will have to take care of your Optional subject though.

There is no spoonfeeding in this. Our most important objective is to make you read all relevant materials by yourself in a most productive way. Once there is flow and consistency, you will realize your own potential to assimilate vast knowledge and use it productively to score good marks in tests.

Also there is NO confusion in this strategy. It is simple and straightforward (You may again read, our previous article to get complete picture)

This approach has done wonders to many. You will complete all NCERT books comprehensively by Mid February. Later gear will be shifted and you will be studying standard books in a more productive and efficient way. All this without compromising current events studies (there will be free daily current events quiz to keep you on track).

For a smooth and tension free journey, you must start preparing from today itself. Once you start, your journey must end with a rank in the Final List. Take a printout of this timetable and start following it immediately.

We suggest you to devote 60 percent of your time for completing Test topics and 40 percent time for your Optional. Divide your time based on this ratio. This is just a suggestion. You are intelligent enough to divide your time for studies.

If you devote at least 40 percent of your time for optional every day, you will complete and revise your subject by prelims (You should try to complete one reading by February)

This time targets are realistic. You should still push yourself to complete the targets.

Details Of Prelims Test Series – 2016:

  1. The cost is  Rs 5999 – Same as year price. There will be 32 Tests with 100 questions each.
  2. You will get PDF copies of 2014 and 2015 Tests. This is for revision, especially static part.

Note: Prelims Test Series is the only initiative which is paid one on this website. Everything else is free (even interview guidance or any other support you need if you are in Bangalore or if you want it through phone after Mains)

As said earlier, tests will be held online where you just have to give three details (Name, Email, Phone Number – for SMS notifications of Tests). All India ranking will be there along with many other features.

A separate website is under testing for this purpose. Once we test it completely, we will activate registrations. We do not want to cause inconvenience after activation, hence taking as much precautions as possible.

The tentative date for activation of Payment Link will be between October 20th to October 25th.  Once activated, link will be active till July 2016.

There is also arrangement being made to conduct Offline Tests at Bangalore (It will be finalised only if viable number of students enroll) For this price will be on higher side which will be notified in final notification.

The First Test will be on October 30th. For which you can start preparing from today itself. Next day we will post questions of Mains Self Study Guide in the evening on our website (Not on Prelims Test Series Website) where you can post answers.

These are just pointers as of now. Once we make formal announcement, we will provide you complete details.

For now, Timetable is given in the below download link. Please download it and start preparing towards your dream of getting into IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS (IT).

Download Timetable From Here


(We might slightly modify this timetable if need arises, especially dates and the same will be notified to you as and when we modify it)

Based on this timetable, this time we intend to provide high quality tests for you to assess your preparation level both for Prelims and Mains. last two test series were highly successful. With your support we intend to make this one successful too. Thank you.