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MOTIVATION: It’s No Time to Worry – It’s Time to Focus Again on Getting a Rank

Every day you face so many distractions. A friend comes with his own problems and wants your suggestions when you are rushing to complete a task at hand. Some family issue is bothering you despite your efforts to stay away from all distractions. You might not be able to focus on studies thanks to fear of  Mains or due to fear of failing in Prelims.

Even if you are confident of scoring good marks in Prelims, you might not be studying very well as you had planned earlier. Immediately after Prelims you might have made up your mind to give your hundred per cent and score very well in Mains at any cost. You might have told yourself that you would write answers to daily questions, solve Optional papers and be regular in attending test series papers. You would have wanted to follow a strict routine daily.

But  majority fail to follow their plans fully. But few try their best and never give up. Even if they are achieving 50% of their targets, they keep going. It is these few who do not give up because of non working plans or distractions end up getting ranks. They just never give up or scramble for a new plan or strategy.

For example, you might have decided to solve all our question papers posted on the website same day or next day at any cost. But after writing 2-3 exams you might have felt like why I should write when there is no feedback? I will write it after completing the syllabus etc etc. Once you stop it, chances are more that you will stop it forever. Distractions can be external or internal. Whatever they are, they should never stop you from doing something that will work for you.

While being  distracted by so many factors, you also lose focus on your goal i.e. getting a rank this year or bettering your rank. You don’t have to dream every day about your goal. In fact you should be so busy preparing that you should never think about the final result.

Between, how important is it for you to get a rank in this exam?

For some of you just clearing Mains might be a goal (please upgrade it to getting a rank in top 100 – the more ambitious you are, better are the chances of reaching your goal); for some seeing your name in the  final list even if it is a last rank itself might be a final goal; and for some seeing their name in top 50 might be a top priority.

After one month post-Prelims 2015, what do you think about your chances of reaching your goal? Where do you stand now?

Well, you or anyone, nobody knows answer to this question. But some introspection is necessary. So that you wake up now and never stop until you realize your dream as there is still lots of time to do things right. Getting a rank in civil services exam is not difficult but it is unpredictable (don’t mistake it for  ‘uncertain’). Those who do not think about rank and go on working every day by following a right strategy and right guidance, will succeed easily. Your confidence level should be such that you should not have time to think over anything else.

Let distractions be there. Let people talk negatively about you. Let relatives or detractors accuse you of wasting their time and money. Let society speak ill of you. Let the whole world think you are of no use. But never let down yourself. You should work so hard that you should not have time to even think about people who are working so hard to see you humiliated and go down.  Wellwishers and people who know you well will always be with you.  Even if nobody is there, why should you worry? Your success is the best answer you can give to anybody who hates you. You should focus on your goal while your detractors focus on you.

Before Mains or Interview, you will always have self-doubts. At times motivation levels will plunge to lowest level. You might wonder if you could get a rank or not. This is common.

We remember so clearly that none of our students who got top ranks were thinking about their result. They were too busy in completing task ahead. But the too had self-doubts at times, but a test next day would help them focus on exam preparation rather than on results or any other distractions. They worked hard and succeeded.

You too should focus on achieving targets every day instead of thinking about the result. Your self doubts will vanish. Your confidence will improve. If you write all tests and try to even finish 60% of your targets, you will definitely clear Mains.

We are posting daily questions on this site. We are posting question papers for free. It will be great if you too would get busy with them.

Even without feedback here (Bangalore) we are seeing students who are writing regularly improve a lot just by discussing with others and learning from others.

Those who consistently follow the timetable and write all tests will have great chance of getting a call for interview. It applies to others also who are writing test series by other institutions. You should just complete all tests. They help you a lot. Normal tendency is to give up after 3-4 tests. But please do not do this. Even if it is boring, take tests. You will learn a lot by writing one test than you do by studying for whole week. Try it.

It is not about quality of tests or feedback. It is about writing practice. The more you write on diverse topics, better will be your chances of clearing Mains.You must write consistently to experience the change for yourself.

But don’t try to follow 2-3 timetables or test series simultaneously and end up completing none. Follow any one  series, complete it and try to excel in it. You need not follow ours too if you are already following other one.

This is no time to waste on any other matters. Do your work day and night, you will be rewarded. Fill yourself with confidence and get busy. Even if some factors try to discourage you or try to distract you, ignore them and keep going. Ignorance is bliss.

We have seen students who worked hard sincerely succeed with flying colours. Those of you who worked hard last year but could not get through, will succeed this year provided you work hard again.

You are going to succeed for sure. The decision you take now will decide whether you would succeed this year or next year.

It doesn’t matter whether you wasted your time all these days or not, quickly get up and start focusing on exams again. You will definitely want to enjoy your training at LBSNAA. It is pure fun. Imagine the relief.  Imagine not reading The Hindu again! (just kidding!) not reading Optional subject forever! At least for this relief you must work hard!

On a serious note just want to remind you that true success is when you succeed as a good officer. But that is after you finish fun at LBSNAA.

For now, let your focus be on coming up test.

Wish you all the best.