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MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 5 (General Studies – 2)

MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 5 (General Studies – 2)


NOTE: Those who want to write in notebook should treat this as a Real Exam and try to complete the paper within One and Half Hours. You can download PDF copy of the same Test HERE. The Timetable is HERE.

Those who want to answer here itself can Click on the Questions below and post your answers. Thank you.

Insights Mains Offline Test Series 2015

General Studies – 2

Mock Test – 5                                                                                                            

21 September 2015

Duration: 1 Hour

Answer ALL the questions in NOT MORE THAN 200 words each. Contents of the answers are more important than its length. All questions carry equal marks. (10×10 = 100)


1) It is argued that social welfare policies don’t any longer influence electoral outcomes and political parties that rely on such policies for a favourable electoral outcome should desist from implementing such policies and instead focus on pursuing reforms to boost higher growth. Do you agree with such opinion? Critically comment.


2) Official data on all indicators of development reveal that India’s tribal people are the worst off in terms of income, health, education, nutrition, infrastructure and governance. In your opinion, what are the elements of a vision of development much more inclusive and empowering of these tribal people? Discuss.


3) “India’s Smart Cities project is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.” Critically examine.


4) It seems that recent anti-corruption movements believe that it is not neo-liberal economic policies but corruption that is to blame for the benefits of economic growth not trickling down to masses. Do you think so? Critically discuss.


5) Briefly discuss India’s role in helping Nepal draft its new Constitution. Does India have any concerns regarding the recent adoption of new Constitution by Nepal? Comment.


6) How the Iranian nuclear deal will affect the India-Iran and India-US relationship? Analyze.


7) In respect of India’s policy towards Southeast Asian countries, discuss how domestic factors influence its ‘Act East’ policy.


8) Do you think China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative poses threat to India’s national security? Critically examine.


9) It is said that there was no need to launch Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) by China when the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with similar responsibilities was functioning well. Examine and also discuss the similarities and differences between both the banks.


10) Critically comment on the impact of recent political developments in Sri Lanka on its relationship with India.