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ETHICS CASE STUDY: What advice will you give and why? Justify.

Topic: Ethics in private relationship; Attitude; Emotional intelligence

8) Your close friend could not clear UPSC civil services Mains exam despite working extremely hard. Since result, she is scared about the future. She expected interview call and was also hopeful of getting a rank. She is now skeptical about the whole exam process. She wants to quit and take up another job. Yet, her inner desire to serve society by becoming a civil servant is still strong. She is in great confusion. She often tells you that she wants to go back to her previous software job, but she is afraid that her parents and friends might mock at her as quitter as she still has age and attempts with her. Sometimes she unintentionally demotivates you by telling you that your hard work will be useless just as hers was. You are worried about her, but you realize that your studies is being affected by her negative attitude. One day she asks you to give a final advice to her which she promises to follow.

What advice will you give and why? Justify. (200 Words)