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ETHICS CASE STUDY: In this situation what action will you take? Justify.

Topic: Ethical concern and dilemma; laws, rules, regulations and conscience as sources of ethical guidance

9) You are working as Deputy Collector in a district where mining is rampant. Recently, your close friend – a rich businessman who has interests in hospitality and mining – requested you to talk to a Station House Officer (SHO).  SHO had warned  your friend not to store explosives meant for mining in the basement of the hotel. Your friend had told SHO that storage was meant only for few days until some repair work was completed in their proper storage area outside the city. But SHO was adamant and had strictly warned your friend to remove explosives or face criminal case. Now your friend wants SHO to be warned by you to do favour to him. In the past he had helped financially and given moral support to you when you were about to abandon your studies due to poverty. Your friend assures you that explosives are safe and would cause no harm to anyone. Due to emergency he wants them to be stored only for few days.

In this situation what action will you take? Justify. (150 Words)

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