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SOCIOLOGY – 2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 8


SOCIOLOGY – 2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 8


Topic – Sociological Thinkers : Emile Durkheim

(1) what according to Emile Durkheim is the nature of Relationship between the individual and Society? Explain this with the help of his analysis of Division of labour in society. (300 words)

(2) “Social Fact is to be treated as a thing”. Discuss.(200 words)

(3) What you mean by the concept “Suicide” as explained by Emile Durkheim? Discuss its Scope n Critique .(200 words)

(4) Elaborate Emile Durkheim’s analysis of the elementary forms of Religious life and role of Religion in society.How does he explain existence of Religion in modern industrial Societies? (300 words)
For Sep 15

Topic-Sociological Thinkers : Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim.