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UPDATE: Insights General Studies Paper-1 Test Series for Prelims – 2016

We are getting numerous mails and comments seeking clarification on the date, timetable and price of Prelims – 2016 Test Series. Thank you for your interest and continuing support, soon we will be bringing you a new tests series that will be result oriented.  Following are few details about the upcoming test series:

Test Series – 2016

Tentative Launch Date: Second Week of October – 2015

Number of Tests: 30 Full Length Tests (General Studies Paper – 1)

What else will be Provided?

  1. A detailed Self Study Timetable for whole year
  2. Mains Test Series Question Papers for Practice along with Prelims Question Paper (But no feedback on Mains answers, this is just to make your preparation an integrated one – Similar to Our Self Study Guide)
  3. Monthly compilation of Current Events + Secure Q&A (will be posted on website too)
  4. FREE Question Papers of our 2014 and 2015 Test Series (Total 52 free Tests along with 30+ tests of 2016 = 80+ tests i.e. more than 8000 Questions)
  5. A PDF copy of Question Paper and Solutions in a Single File (for quick Revision)

Note: There could be some minor modifications when we announce final details.

The work is in Progress to make 2016 Test Series more comprehensive and aimed towards helping you score better in both Prelims and Mains – 2016.

We strongly believe in Self Study and we are making efforts to help you follow the same and go for a rank in 2016.


Last year fees was Rs 6000/- for 33 full length tests (without above mentioned features).

This year, keeping in mind various sections of aspirants community, we are planning to keep price reasonable and affordable. The price will be either Rs 6000/- or Less than this amount.

Full details and strategy will be shared later with you once we complete our work on our end.

Please read feedback of last test series here (please check comments).

Thank you.