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LAW-2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 6

LAW-2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 6


Answer in 200 words:

1) Are personal laws ‘law’ for the purposes of Part III of the Constitution ? Discuss with reference to leading case law.

2) What is meant by ‘individual responsibility’ and ‘collective responsibility’ of the Council of Ministers? What would be the consequences of ‘individual responsibility’ in case a Minister of the Government is found guilty of tort of misfeasance by the Supreme Court of India? Comment.

3) What is the justification behind the Pardoning power of the President of India under Article 72 of the Constitution? Discuss with reference to Supreme Court cases the extent to which the exercise of this power can be subjected to judicial review.

4) Do you agree with the statement that ‘re-looking of the process of delegated legislation is necessary particularly in context to substantial amount of public participation ?’ Comment critically.